Trick-or-Treat Fun and a Big Oops

Weekly Happenings: This past week contained Halloween which was full of trick-or-treat fun. Other than that, there wasn’t much else we did out of the ordinary (I’ll get to the “big oops” in a bit). It’s crazy to think we’re already at this point of the year.

The Weekly Weather: We had an actual cold front come through that really dropped the temperatures. One night we actually got down to official freezing temperatures. Halloween was actually pretty cold which was great!

What Paul’s Been Up To: Nothing too much to note for him.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Here’s the “big oops”: I was prepping dinner on Halloween and while I was slicing apples, I lost grip on the apple and sliced my finger pretty bad. We tried to get the bleeding to stop for a while but were unsuccessful (well, it would stop for a bit and then start up again). After I got Abigail in bed, I hopped over to urgent care. They looked at it and decided it needed a few stitches. I also ended up getting a tetanus shot since I couldn’t remember when I got my last one and I also got a round of antibiotics to complete just in case there was anything there that would cause infection. Weeee, fun.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He was excited that he got to wear his costume to school twice this past little bit (once for superhero day and then again on Halloween). He also had a great time trick-or-treating with friends. I let him stay with his friends (under my friend’s watchful eye) when Abigail was done with walking but it was clear he wasn’t.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She really enjoyed getting to actually trick-or-treat this year. Everyone thought her little “Trick-o-tree” and “Thank-yoooou” was really cute. She did try to give people candy out of her bucket in exchange for what they were trying to give her (maybe she thought she was supposed to trade?), which was funny. She also encountered an older teenager who was dressed as Minnie Mouse who was handing out candy. She was super excited to see Minnie and waved goodbye to her (while repeatedly saying, “Bye-bye, Minnie!” until we turned a corner.

This Week in Pictures:

The dinosaurs were attacking the town.
She wanted to take a picture. 🙂
On the night I was anticipating really cold temps, I pulled out Abigail’s really warm pajamas (since she still tends to kick off her covers). I asked her to smile and say “cheese” but she decided to roar like a dinosaur instead. Oh well.
Oh, how time flies!
I was excited that I got to actually wear a hoodie on Halloween (instead of sweating), haha.
Getting ready to go trick-or-treating. Paul was staying home to hand out candy and scare the pre-teens and teenagers.
Abigail got super excited when she saw all the other trick-or-treaters.
Telling me all about the flowers on my friend’s bush.
Going to visit the Great Pumpkin display that one of my friends puts up every year. Abigail decided that witch Lucy needed a buddy.
Joseph’s landforms project.
My “owchie finger” as Abigail calls it.
The board for November. 🙂
This is one of my favorite outfits that I have for her.
Of course her baby doll had to be included in the picture taking. Abigail even told her doll to say “cheese”. 🙂

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