Tons of Together Time

Weekly Happenings: As my rather alliterative title suggests, we spent a lot of time together this past week. School is still closed (and will be until April 26th, unless they extend it even more) and Paul was able to work from home, so the only places we’ve been is to different stores to get groceries (Paul did go to Lowe’s to get me some plants so we can get our garden started again).

The Weekly Weather: Sunday was chilly, but the rest of the week has been warm, sunny, and dry…except for this morning when a random thunderstorm (that hadn’t even been on the forecast, as far as I could remember) moved through at about 4:00.

What Paul’s Been Up To: He’s been working from home (thank goodness for his office!) and has been doing a few things around the yard in his free time.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I’ve been making sure Joseph’s been getting some of his assignments done online for school, keeping Abigail from getting too stir crazy (sometimes we just go for a drive around), and the like. Since San Antonio pretty much issued a stay-at-home ordinance, I’ve discontinued my piano lessons until we ride this whole thing out.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He’s been doing work online, reading, playing with his toys, LEGOs, video games…it’s almost like summer vacation for him, haha.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: I think this has been the hardest on her since she’s too little to understand why our normal routine has been upended. She’s been acting out a little more than normal, but I try to remember and to be patient (and give her extra hugs and snuggles).

This Week in Pictures:

Snuggling on the couch while watching some classic cartoons (this is the Incredible Hulk).
Getting stir crazy…
…they both were, so we loaded up and went for a drive.
I got her this little unicorn that comes with its own carrying case (you can kind of see it in the bottom of the picture)…she decided she needed to try to ride it, haha.
Riding her “couch horse”.
We got (from left to right): cilantro, cherry tomatoes, and basil.
We also got a couple more strawberry plants.
This has been my view a lot this week. Thank goodness the tree is pretty. 😉
I love this little air plant. It makes me happy. I had just watered it (it gets a spritz of water once a week) and I thought it looked pretty with the water droplets on the vase.
Sometimes you gotta just make a tent.
My mint has come back in full force.
She wanted to see herself. 🙂
She makes me laugh every day. I love this little girl!
She’s channeling her inner ’80s rock star.
So, something cool we can do with our phones is search for an animal on Google and follow some steps to “see” a 3D version in our house (through our camera). Then, you can take people’s pictures. Here’s Abigail chatting it up with an octopus. 😜
Here she is chillin’ with a panda…
…and swimming with a sea turtle.

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