Dress-Up Days and a New Kind of Normal

Weekly Happenings: This was another week of school from home, little bits of silence-seeking, and some fun play-time.

The Weekly Weather: It’s been warm and sunny up until yesterday afternoon when a cold front moved in. It started raining last night and it’s still raining…and it’s supposed to rain for the next ten days. Wee, fun!

What Paul’s Been Up To: This week, he had to go into work (this next week he’ll be working from home). He also did what yard work he could while the sun was shining.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Not too much on my front. I’ve mainly been helping Joseph with school and helping Abigail not go to stir crazy. 😉

What Joseph’s Been Up To: School from home, playing, and a little extra screen-time. 😉

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She’s been getting used to having Joseph at home (she had gotten accustomed to having me all to herself during most of the day, I think). She also enjoyed digging through old costumes to have dress-up fun.

This Week in Pictures:

Joseph’s art teacher asked them to make a nature sculpture out of things they could find in their back yard. This is what Joseph came up with. I was pretty impressed!
Dressed up as Mario from Super Mario Brothers (this costume used to belong to Joseph).
One of those “then-and-now” pictures that Google Photos occasionally puts together. I think she was almost one in the picture on the left.
She asked if she could wear a “spoooooooooooky shirt” so I dug through her shirts to find her Buc-ee’s Halloween shirt.
Sometimes Momma needs to find silence amid the chaos that occasionally ensues when there are young children in the house…so she steps outside for a deep breath. I love our house, inside and out.
Standing on the back porch and looking out over the back yard makes me feel extreme gratitude for the beautiful place we live.
She wanted to dress up in her Vampirina costume.
Here’s another on one those then-and-now photos. The picture on the left is from her first birthday. 🙂
Once she had on her costume, she of course needed to watch the show. You can see Vampirina on the screen there.
On another day, she asked for a “fancy dress” so that she could go to Minnie’s Masquerade Ball (the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode she was watching). She also insisted on a crown (thank goodness we still had an old Burger King one laying around) and her “pink butterfly boots”. 😀
I changed my board out for April. This is a quote by Lady Bird Johnson and I think it’s quite fitting for what is going on in the world right now.
I switched out the shamrocks for bunnies and eggs.
I switched out the shamrocks over here for flowers…
…and switched out the shamrock door hanger for my spring one. We’re all ready for April!
She loves lift-the-flap books.
This is digital learning! Joseph is learning about man-made and natural resources, so he made lists of both.
I then took his picture and uploaded the pictures so I could send them to his teacher. I am so grateful for technology!
His music teacher asked them to tell her what their favorite instrument was. Joseph’s answer: “I like the recorder because I can make annoying sounds with it.” 😀
She insisted on wearing her sparkly skirt. She carried around her baby doll a lot on this particular day. I told her she should give her baby doll a hug so that I could take her picture. This was the result.
“The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play. So we sat in the house. All that cold, cold, wet day.”

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