Time Keeps Ticking By

Weekly Happenings: This week has been pretty average, with one highlight for the kids: Paul was able to finish up the swing set in the back yard, so the kids have been enjoying playing on it in the evenings, when it has cooled down a smidge. Oh, and today I took the kids to the zoo to help chase away the cabin fever.

The Weekly Weather: It’s been a little cooler, thanks to a tropical storm that was off the coast (which gave us some rain). We also got a good thunderstorm that came through last night.

What Paul’s Been Up To: He got the swing set done, which was a huge project. He was working from home this week, so that helped him to be able to squeeze in working on it.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I’ve mainly been keeping the kids happy, healthy. and the like. I did host book club, though, which was fun. I had a few of my friends in the house and then we had more friends join via Zoom, which is a computer program that allows for people to “meet up” virtually using computers, phones, tablets, etc.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: Pretty much a rinse-and-repeat from last week: summer vacation fun. 🙂

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She’s also been pretty much doing the same stuff. She did learn (the hard way) not to walk in front of the swings while Joseph is swinging. 🙁 I was across the yard, so I couldn’t stop her from walking where she wasn’t supposed to. Luckily, even though she got knocked over (poor Joseph tried so hard not to hit her, but it really was unavoidable), she didn’t get hurt too badly. I’m kind of hoping it was enough of a traumatic experience to help her remember not to do it in the future, though.

This Week in Pictures:

She told me she was having a stair picnic.
On Monday, Paul put up two of the swings. He needed to get more hardware and chains for the rest of the stuff. He had enough for two swings, but needed more for the other regular swing and for the swinging bar.
Spot the toad! I’ll give you a hint: he’s kind of close to the stone border.
All finished! Paul moved Abigail’s bucket swing over so that both of the regular swings would be next to each other.
Trying out the swinging bar. He was twisting it up so that he could spin around.
Always wanting to do what her brother does. 🙂
My quote for August. It’s actually a Beetles quote. 😀
It’s never boring when Chef Abigail is in the kitchen.
Joseph wanted me to take a picture of him and the bell tower he made from Mega Bloks. Abigail wanted to be included, so she was showing me her flowers. 😀
She loves standing by this wall, pretending to be a butterfly.
He wanted to see how close he was to the height of a whooping crane.
This is my favorite animal at the zoo. The okapi!

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