An Almost-All-Text Post

Weekly Happenings: I almost didn’t have any pictures for this post. We haven’t really gone anywhere or done anything out of the ordinary. I jokingly say that we’re basically in survival mode when we have weeks like this one, but in reality, it isn’t far from the truth: we’re just trying to survive the summer, haha.

The Weekly Weather: It’s been hot and humid. We are supposed to get a bit of rain over the next few days, though (there’s a tropical storm coming in from the Gulf), that is also dropping the temps a bit. Yay!

What Paul’s Been Up To: He worked…at work…this week (as opposed to working from home). He also spent this morning starting on a big project in the backyard. Joseph is starting to get too big for the swing set that we have (it would actually rock back and forth when he was on it it), so Paul got some lumber and is in the process of building a bigger swing set. He got the frame assembled and stood up today (which was a BIG job, because he’s using pressure-treated wood, which is heavy) with a little bit of help from our neighbor (he’s a bit taller than Paul, so he was able to help lift one of the ends of the center beam up high enough for Paul to be able to get the other set of legs onto it). All he has left to do is to trim off some excess wood from some supports and then install the swings themselves. He’s going to do that another day, though, because he’s understandably beat.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I’ve pretty much just kept the kids alive and relatively happy. It’s definitely a full-time job!

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He’s mainly been soaking up as much of his free time as possible. 🙂 Ah, summer vacation is the best when you’re a kid!

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She’s been soaking in extra play time with Joseph. She’s also been enjoying playing hide-and-seek with anyone who will play, and just about loses her mind any time anyone comes to the door because she’s figured out it’s either going to be some sort of delivery (with a slim chance of it being something for her) or will be someone who just might say hello to her (my poor social butterfly of a child has really been struggling with having to stay home more than usual).

This Week in Pictures:

Living in San Antonio means being able to get freshly-made tortillas (I mean, the package was still warm when I picked it up, y’all) from the grocery store for tacos. I was also able to make homemade horchata in my new blender. The first batch turned out okay, but I tweaked the recipe a bit and it was a lot better the second time (for when we had taco salad to be able to use up the leftover taco fillings).
She was dressed up as Link (from Legend of Zelda). This is an old Halloween costume of Joseph’s.
She was loving swing that sword around.
We’ve made a few small changes in our decor. I had two Texas-themed pillows for the one window bench that Paul built a few years back, but when I went to find some more after he built the matching bench, I couldn’t find any that were similar. I found some plain black pillows that I thought would work, but once I got them home, they didn’t really look as good as I thought they would. After a bit of thinking, I figured out what I would do. I had noticed that the covers for my couch throw pillows (when we replaced the previous throw pillows, we opted to get throw pillow inserts with zip-on covers) were getting all pill-y (and were more often in the way than not for actual couch-sitting). So, we decided to put the black throw pillows upstairs for the kids to use to lounge with and put the original Texas-themed throw pillows on the couches (one on each couch is way better than the two pillows on each couch that we had before).
Then, we ordered new covers for the throw pillow inserts that match better with the colors and design that we have downstairs. We got two Texas star covers and two “home” covers.
I’m really happy with it all!
I realized I hadn’t gotten any pictures of Joseph this week…so last night as we were chilling on the couch, I swooped in for a selfie. I love this kid!
The start of the new swing set. Paul put the old one underneath to give you an idea of scale…the new one is going to be quite a bit bigger. 😀

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