Three Down, One to Go

Weekly Happenings: Not too much happened this past week, actually. We just kind of did our thing. Towards the end of the week, we went out for dinner one night and then had friends over the next night to celebrate Paul’s birthday (which is today). I made him cheesecake as normal. 🙂 Today I made him one of his favorite breakfasts (a fried egg sandwich) and we gave him his present (a belt sander to add to his tool collection). Now we have three birthdays down and just one more to go for the year (Abigail’s in December).

The Weekly Weather: It’s been a mix of hot and slightly cooler. 😉 That’s pretty typical for this time of year, though.

What Paul’s Been Up To: He’s started back to school, so the homework routine is back on. He also keeps plenty busy at work and maintaining at-home stuff (yesterday he mowed and edged both yards before it got too hot).

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Not much on my part…mainly keeping the littles happy.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He won a drawing through his dentist’s office (all the kids that are cavity-free get put into a drawing for gift cards to a local arcade/bowling/games place) and is looking forward to using his prize. His teacher also told me that his reading is quite impressive. His school was having students read parts of the Constitution (I believe they’re going to piece it all together and make some sort of audio/video presentation since Constitution Day is…today, actually) and his teacher told them that she had a few students that could probably handle reading parts of it. Joseph was one of them, and his teacher told me that he read his part in one take, without any mistakes. That’s pretty impressive.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She’s been practicing sitting up on her own some more and is starting to reach for things she wants (mainly toys and people). 🙂 There was one time she got a hold of something that she wasn’t supposed to (the section of pool noodle that I had wedged on the edge of the changing table to prevent possible bonked noggins). I took it away and she let me know, in no uncertain terms, that she was irritated with that outcome. It’s kind of entertaining to see her personality shining through more and more.

This Week in Pictures:

Playing with the Little People pirate ship (we had gotten this for Joseph when he was just over a year old…so glad it’s lasted this long).
She was pretty impressed with herself for finding the edge of the rug.
Getting some bike riding practice in. He’s getting pretty fast.
Playing with another of Joseph’s old toys: a little house made by Leap Frog that has a ton of fun things on it to play with.
She figured out rather quickly that the crow’s nest and flag come off.
Now the first thing she does when she plays with it is to take those both off and suck/chew on them, haha.
Reaching for the pool noodle…I eventually just took it off.
Paul’s new belt sander.
One of our good friends also got Paul a present: this card game that’s based on a series of books that he really likes.

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