The Year is Just Flying By!

Weekly Happenings: It seems crazy that the year is already over halfway over. We had a relatively quiet week at home. There was one day that I took Joseph to one of the free kids’ movies that the theater near us offers. Joseph thought it was interesting at first (the big screen, etc.), but lost interest after about 30 minutes. Luckily, since it was free (with the exception of $3.00 spent on popcorn and a drink), I didn’t feel bad about leaving. We also let him swim in the pool one day this week, and then we had some fun with the neighbors on Friday (4th of July). After we had the missionaries over to have dinner with us, we went across the street to shoot off fireworks with the neighbors across the street (who also happen to be a family in our ward). We let Joseph stay up past his bedtime so that he could see some of them after it got dark. We would have stayed out later, but it started to rain. 🙂 The “neighborhood shows” as I like to call them, lasted well past midnight, but luckily Joseph slept through them.

The Weekly Weather: Mostly sunny and warm with a few random thunderstorms here and there. 🙂

What Paul’s Been Up To: Working hard at work and continuing to work hard to keep our house and yards looking nice. Yesterday he bought more fence boards so that he can frame the trees in the backyard like he did the one in the front. 🙂 He also got gardening tape to tie the tomatoes to their supports a bit better.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Other than piano teaching, keeping Joseph happy, healthy, and entertained and keeping the house (relatively) clean, I’ve been pretty busy with the ward choir and doing my visiting teaching coordination stuff. The end of the month is always busy in that aspect.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: His imaginative play has been through the roof. He will entertain himself for a good hour with his cars, or books, etc. It amazes me. I admit I may have taken a nap during one of the long stretches where he entertained himself. He’s also continually making new friends. He’s such a social little guy. Finally, he has figured out that the show, “Bob, the Builder” is pretty cool. 🙂

This Week in Pictures:

Because the most comfortable place to lay is on top of my legs…
Playing with his cars. His all-time-favorite, “Bob, the Builder” is on in the background.
One of his little friends stopped by and gave Joseph some homemade pipe cleaner bracelets. 🙂
“Roar! I’m a monster!”
Playing in the pool.
Making the wheels spin with the water.
His 4th of July outfit. He wouldn’t hold still enough for a non-blurry picture.
Sitting with one of his friends, waiting for it to get dark enough for fireworks.
14 - 1 (22)
This is what happens when sunset meets approaching thunderstorm.
Joseph loves to ride in the car carts at Lowe’s.
He also loves spotting forklifts.
He was happy to see that his tractor had a hitch that his camper could hitch to (there is a truck that the camper normally hitches to).
He told Paul and me that he needed to build his train tracks…
…so he put on his hat, got his hammer, and got to work. 🙂

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