Germ-Free at Last!

Weekly Happenings: It seems like Joseph is over his strep! It feels so good to have him better. 🙂 We ended up not doing too much this week because the weather was a bit unpredictable, but Joseph had fun having “play dates” when I went to do my visiting teaching and when piano students would have younger siblings come along.

The Weekly Weather: As mentioned before, it was rather unpredictable. It would pour during the morning and then clear up in the afternoon. Kind of crazy, but I’m slowly getting used to crazy. 🙂

What Paul’s Been Up To: Working hard as usual…he did get to have a Daddy and Son Day on Saturday. I had two baby showers to go to, so Paul and Joseph had fun going to the zoo and then later to Lowe’s. When I got home from the second shower, I noticed that the tree in our front yard had a border around it, made from a fence board. It looks really good!

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Teaching piano (though not as much…several of my students are taking a break for summer), entertaining the wee one, and filling in where needed at church. Today we started singing the opening hymn and I realized nobody was leading the music. Nobody else seemed to be heading up, so I took the initiative to do so. I also helped out in Primary and Relief Society as well. I feel so blessed to have been given musical talents. 🙂 Oh, a fun thing that happened was that I won some prints from my friend’s graphic design site. She made some patriotic prints and announced that she was doing a give away (all one had to do to enter was leave a comment on her site saying what they loved best about Independence Day). She put all the names in a hat and then pulled out mine! I’m really loving them. 🙂

What Joseph’s Been Up To: The highlight of Joseph’s week was definitely the zoo, since he got to see animals, ride the train, and got a cheeseburger for lunch, but a close second was the acquisition of some “construction gear”. One of his little friends was having a birthday party on Saturday, but it was at the same time as one of the baby showers that I needed to go to. The little guy’s mom had posted on Facebook that she needed to borrow a pop-up canopy for the party, so I offered her ours. When she returned it after the party, she left a goody-bag for Joseph. It had a plastic play hard-hat, a Home Depot apron, a sand shovel, a little yellow bulldozer, and a box of treats. When he got up this morning and saw the stuff, he was too excited for anything else. He’s been wearing the apron pretty much all day (we convinced him to leave it home during church). When I had to get him dressed for church, he told me that he couldn’t get dressed because he was too busy working. Silly boy!

This Week in Pictures:

One of the days that Joseph picked out his own outfit. 😉
14 - 1 (21)
Watching the pouring rain.
Eating cereal. He really loves Honey Buzzers (generic Honey Comb).
After his first buzz-cut of the summer.
He asked me what his shirt said, so I told him. He then proceeded to walk around the house with his hands in his pockets, saying that he was a major hunk.
We like making silly faces for the camera.
Silly face for the camera while at the zoo.
Waving to himself (since he can see himself in the phone’s camera app).
Checking out the monkeys.
Striking up a conversation while brushing the goat.
I love that there is a petting zoo inside the park.
Wouldn’t be a trip to the zoo without sitting on the bronze elephant.
Checking out the lion.
Giant tortoises. This was the first time he’d seen them. I think they are a recent addition to the zoo.
Getting up close and personal with the hippo.
Checking out the lorakeets.
Turns out he didn’t care for them flying around him.
14 - 1 (20)
Waiting for the train.
I love how much this boy loves his daddy.
On the train.
Seriously…in Heaven.
My new patriotic prints.
His new construction gear.
He loves the pockets in his apron.

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