The Start of Summer Fun

Weekly Happenings: This was the first full week of summer vacation for Joseph. We didn’t do a whole lot, but what we did do was really fun. We went to story time at the library for Abigail (Joseph brought along his tablet since the subject matter was a little young for him), Joseph tagged along with a friend to see the second Lego movie (during the summer the theater by us does free movies for kids during certain show times), and we got to go swimming with friends at the pool in one of their neighborhoods. We stayed for close to three hours and neither kid was ready to go when it was time.

The Weekly Weather: It’s been typical June weather: warm, humid, overcast for a few days, sunny for others. I don’t remember if it rained at all…I think it might have? If it did, I don’t remember, haha.

What Paul’s Been Up To: He’s been busy at work and at home as well. Today, he spent the majority of the day setting up our back yard pool. He used some wood that was left over from Joseph’s old fort to piece together a mini deck for around part of the pool so that there’s a place to get in and out without dragging in too many little pieces of wood chips. We have a corner of the yard that is squared off with wood chips, which is where Paul sets up the pool every year. In the past he’s put down a tarp before setting up the pool (so the wood chips don’t poke through the bottom of the pool), but this year he opted to put cardboard down instead. It’s thicker than the tarps, so I think it’ll be a better option.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I haven’t done much out of the ordinary. I’ve mainly kept the kids happy, taught piano, and the like.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He’s been enjoying his increased down time. He also finished the first book in the Harry Potter series. He’s going to be eight in less than three months and I’m trying to figure out where the time has gone.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She’s been expanding her vocabulary (sometimes letting loose sentences that have four or five words) and her imagination. One cute thing she did was she took her heart magnet (from her Magna Doodle) and ran up to Paul while saying, “Doctor, doctor!” She then held the magnet up to his chest like a stethoscope. He was quick to catch on and made a heart beat sound. She was delighted! She then had to check me and Joseph as well. When we went swimming, she found out real quick that she will, in fact, go under the water. I had put on her puddle jumper (thank goodness), sunscreened her up, and then we were headed to the pool area. The entrance to the pool was very gradual but then had several steps that went down. Abigail took off down the slope, but missed the steps, so she ended up falling, flailing her arms, and getting dunked once before I got caught up (thankfully I was only two or three steps behind her) and pulled her up. She didn’t inhale any water, but was a little shook. After that, she was happy to be in the pool if I was holding her or if she could hang out in the splash area which only had about four inches of water. She also liked the mini fountains that were in one part of the pool area.

This Week in Pictures:

My little…astronaut?
Doing a test-fit of her puddle jumper. She didn’t want to take it off. The arm floaties are sewn to the vest, but if she slips out of them, she can’t get the rest of the vest off because it goes over her shoulders. There are other versions without the fabric over the shoulders, but I have friends who have seen their kids get completely out by slipping their arms out and then pushing the vest down and stepping out of it. I thought Abigail might be like that, so we opted for the slightly more secure version.
This is what I was met with when I told her it was bedtime.
I love sights like this.
This is not for the movie that Joseph and his friend went to, but it was a fun cutout that was in the lobby. My friend offered to take Joseph along to the movie (her son is in the same grade as Joseph), which was so great because he got to see the movie and I didn’t have to try to wrangle Abigail at the theater.
Silly geese.
This little…punk was chasing off any other hummingbirds that came up for a drink.
She was SO happy the entire time (once she got over the shock of being dunked).
Playing with the mini fountains.
Where Joseph is in this shot is where Abigail ran off. There are three steps there that she didn’t see. Whoops! Luckily her puddle jumper kept her mostly afloat until I could get to her.
My friend got this great shot of her. She was dropping these toy fish over the edge that would sink to the bottom (they are meant to help kids learn how to swim down to retrieve things) and I would get them for her.
My friend also got this shot of Joseph. He really liked playing with the pool noodles. The pool at its deepest was only four and a half feet deep, so he was able to touch bottom for most of the pool. He did also enjoy practicing some swimming techniques (kicking and some basic strokes).
Enjoying a relaxing Saturday morning.
Wearing Daddy’s hat and her boots. She’s ready to go!
Still. Wearing. Her. Boots. About eight hours had elapsed between the last picture and this one…and she didn’t want her boots off at all during that time. In fact, they are her first choice for footwear as of late. My little Texan. 😉

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