Summer is Officially Here

Weekly Happenings: We didn’t do too much this past week. The weather was rather uncooperative, haha. We went to Toddler Time at the library, hung around home, and just soaked in the air conditioning. 😉 We did scoot over to the zoo this morning to see the animals before the heat of the day set in too bad.

The Weekly Weather: It’s been hot, hot, hot and rather humid. There was one day where when I was walking around outside and found that I couldn’t even take a full breath because it was so humid (I think it was around 83% humidity and it was around 95 degrees…that’s a tough combo). I didn’t even realize something like that was possible!

What Paul’s Been Up To: I forgot to mention that this past Sunday was Father’s Day. Since we have 9 o’clock church, we weren’t able to make a fancy breakfast for Paul, but I did make one of his favorites for lunch (fried egg sandwiches) and dinner (meatloaf and roasted potatoes). For his presents, he got a new computer monitor and Joseph made him a tie (a few months ago at school and then they sent it home with him on the last day and he hid it for Paul to find, using clues) and colored a rock for him. It was really sweet. 🙂 As far as what else he’s been up to, he replaced our kitchen faucet, and is currently waiting on parts to get our lawnmower going again. I am so grateful that he’s so handy!

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I have mostly just kept the kids alive, haha. I did get to go to book club, which is a highlight of the month for me for sure!

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He’s been soaking in the extra time he has to play as well helping a lot with Abigail so that I can get things done.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She’s adding to her vocabulary on an hourly basis it seems. She is now blurting out 3-4 word sentences on the regular now. It’s entertaining and fascinating to see.

This Week in Pictures:

She was totally into the story the librarian was reading for Toddler Time.
Here’s the old faucet, which had started to leak pretty badly.
Here’s the new one. I love the curve of the faucet, and I also love that it has the two separate knobs.
She sat down, looked over at me and said, “Bye Mom!”. Then with a wave, she scooted off.
Every once in a while, Google Photos will do a “then-and-now” photo. This one is so great! It’s crazy to see how much she’s grown in less than a year.
She popped these blocks together and then was putting her creation up to our ears, pretending to look into them. I think this, combined with the fact that she also checks our heartbeats with her heart-shaped magnet from her Magna Doodle, is a good indicator that we need to get her a toy doctor set, haha.
The 98 degrees wouldn’t have been too bad except it felt so much hotter thanks to the humidity.
I had just gotten home from book club and realized it was still 90 degrees. At 10:35 PM. Ew.
I’ve been reflecting on how big our trees have gotten in the 7 years that we’ve been here. This was the front tree when we first moved in…
…and this is it now!
The two trees in the back in 2012…
…and the two trees in 2019. We actually get shade form them now, haha.
Joseph got her all cozied up last night and she was quite pleased.
This spectacled bear was just chilling in a tub of water, trying to beat the heat.
This other one had just gotten out of his pool of water.
Checking out the different alligators.
This koala was…less than receptive to visitors, haha.
I couldn’t help but get a picture of this squishy sleepy koala face.
One of the lions making the most of a shady tree.
I love this sculpture!
Checking out the elephants.
This cool guy wasn’t part of the zoo exhibits…he was just sunning himself on a rock.
I love walking through the bird enclosure.
Riding on the train next to the zoo.
Girl selfie!

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