The Last Bit of School, A Convention, and a Bit of the Plague (Boo)

This last week saw the last few days of school (full of pajama parties, class parties, movie watching, and extra recess…I wonder if the teachers were done, too, haha), Paul getting home from his political convention (and testing positive for covid…boo), and the rest of us working with him to try to not get it. He knew there was a possibility of him having it because he started feeling sick while he and two friends were driving home from Reno and one of his car mates tested positive. He walked into the house with his mask on, has been staying out in his office (just coming in to shower, brush his teeth, and use the restroom), and we all wear masks when in the same area. His symptoms haven’t been extreme (he said it feels like a bad head cold…so congestion, sore throat, headache, coughing, etc.), so we’re grateful for that, at least. So far, the rest of us haven’t exhibited any symptoms, so fingers crossed that we won’t end up with it. We’ve been staying home just to be safe (well, I’ve gone out a couple of times, but I’ve worn my mask just to be extra careful). It’s not how we anticipated kicking off summer break, but it is what it is and we’ll make it through. 🙂

I discovered this tasty treat. It’s amazing how different it tastes just by switching out high fructose corn syrup for sugar.
Abigail’s tent was tearing at the corners. I quickly realized that the “fabric” was not conducive to needle and thread (the thread would tear right through it as I pulled the tear closed), so I opted to put patches on instead. I even found some fabric with a cute owl on it to use.
Dressed up in Paul’s old Army uniform, playing with the bear that he got for me when he was in basic training.
A shot Paul sent me of the convention.
She was fascinated by the fact that the different measuring cups made different sounds.
I finally decided to let her use a cup without a lid (the lidded cups are so convenient, y’all). She did have one minor spill, but it was easy to clean up.
Joseph let her borrow one of his favorite stuffed animals, this snake (it’s actually a puppet). She was pretending it was giving her a hug. I decided tonight was not the night to talk about how constrictors eat their prey. 🤣
Paul in front of Lake Mead (on their drive home from the convention).
Road trip selfie!
Joseph’s awards ceremony.
He spotted me!
Joseph and his teacher, Mrs. Rodriguez. He loved how much she loved Harry Potter (her room was all decked out in Harry Potter decor). He really enjoyed being in her class this year.
Aaaaalllll the pre-teen vibes happening here: comfy clothes, checking out stuff on his phone, and having cereal and milk for lunch. 😀
Abigail’s awards ceremony. This is her and her teacher, Ms. Rodriguez (yup…both kids’ teachers had the same last name…I managed, barely, to never mix the two up when dealing with messages). Abigail really liked having her as a teacher.
Abigail spotted this photo booth picture taking spot in the hallway and had to try it out.
I love when the sky is full of cotton ball clouds!
Last day of school! Both kids had pajama day, so that made getting dressed easy, haha.
Boooooooooooooo. 0 out of 5 stars…do NOT recommend…my poor, sweet husband! Fingers crossed that all of our efforts combined will help the rest of us to not get it!

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