Let the Nothingness Commence

This past week was pretty much an empty week. Paul finished up his isolation and went back to work. The kids and I managed to stay well (yay!) and with it being the first full week of summer vacation, we kind of just puttered around the house. It’s been ridiculously hot and I think that might have been one of the deciding factors to our nothingness. We basically sat at home in the AC, haha.

I’m not sure if construction or destruction was happening. 😉
Texans are discovering that, even though their beloved Whataburger will always be #1 in many of their hearts, In-N-Out is pretty good, too. I’m just grateful they built one in San Antonio. Before this one was built, we used to have to come up with excuses to drive up to Austin in order to indulge.
The birds are super happy to have a place to cool down right now. This one is taking a quick look around to see if anyone is looking before…
…jumping right into the water. Copious amounts of splashing occurred after I took this picture.
While one was splashing, others were feasting on birdseed. It’s fun to see them frequent our yard.
I know exactly how to get smiles out of both kids…a pan of these does the trick every time!
He’s looking very…teenager-y in this picture. On the phone with a friend, playing games with said-friend. He’s growing so fast!

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