The Great Switcheroo

Weekly Happenings: This past week was one of experimentation, of sorts. Abigail had been showing signs of having the same milk protein sensitivity that Joseph had as a baby. We tried giving her different types of formula to see what the results would be, eventually settling on what we figured we would: soy formula. She has been a different baby! She’s more at ease, sleeps more (believe it or not, she wasn’t sleeping as much as she ought to have been), and generally more relaxed. I’m so glad that Paul is here with me to help me assess this type of stuff and to be a sounding board! The rest of the week was pretty basic: school for Joseph, work and school for Paul, and home stuff for me.

The Weekly Weather: It’s been really nice. It’s been sunny and in the low- to mid-70s for most of the time. It’s crazy to think that it’s January!

What Paul’s Been Up To: Mostly juggling work, homework, helping out around the house (and jumping in to make dinner as soon as he got home from work a few times), and making sure Joseph gets some much-needed attention while I’m still really busy with Abigail. He also was able to get our taxes done already. I’m so blessed!

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Mainly adjusting to a new aspect of our schedule with the bottle feeding, but it’s all coming back to me. In addition, I’m learning from some things that I might not have done as well with Joseph and adjusting how I do things with Abigail.

What Joseph’s Up To: School, homework, and still getting to have some fun downtime with toys (as well as getting “electronics time” which means he gets to play with his 2DS or watch his tablet). He loves to help me with things for Abigail and loves to talk to her, tell her jokes, and do silly dances for her. He gets pretty excited when she gives him a smile. Another thing he’s started wanting to do is read in bed at bedtime. We got him a lamp that lights up his room just enough to read by, but still keeps the room dark enough that he eventually falls asleep.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: As I mentioned before, she’s been a happier baby since the big feeding switch. Last night, she even slept for 3.5-hour stretches (which makes Momma happier, too). She’s been holding her head up more, making little baby noises, and smiling more. It’s hard to believe that she’s one month old today. She’s been such a blessing in all of our lives!

This Week in Pictures:

Riding his scooter around the block.
Sometimes you need the binky AND the momma.
Battling me on his homemade Pokemon stadium.
Walking home from school…wearing a short-sleeved t-shirt…in January. I still can hardly believe it.
I love seeing her hold onto her hands like this!
Reading a Henry and Mudge beginning chapter book to us before bedtime.
One month old, today!

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