The First Official Week

Weekly Happenings: This was the first full week of summer vacation. I don’t think I realized just how much of our day was filled with getting ready for school, being at school (well, Joseph, at least), doing the whole pick up, drop off thing, etc. until we weren’t doing it. I haven’t launched the workbooks at Joseph quite yet (I felt he deserved a break from school for at least a tiny bit), but that should start soon here. We filled our week with running errands, going to the zoo, a fun trip to the mall (hey, anywhere with AC!), and just relaxing around the house. Oh, one funny story that I keep forgetting to put in here: it was a couple of Sundays ago that this happened, but it’s still seared in my mind, haha. We were enjoying a typical Sunday service when one of the speakers pointed out that there was a scorpion just hanging out in one of the light fixtures (a large dome-type one that is open to the ceiling and hanging down by a thick wire). Well, it’s safe to say that most of the congregation (especially the kids) spent the rest of the meeting a bit distracted, watching that thing slowly walk around in the light fixture. None of us were too worried because scorpions have a hard time getting traction on glass (or it might even be impossible, once it gets to a certain angle), so it was pretty much stuck there, seriously reconsidering its life-choices and probably praying that bugs would fall in there as well, haha.

The Weekly Weather: It’s been hot and dry (and by that I mean no rain…it’s been plenty humid, ha) but we’re supposed to get some much-needed rain coming up this next week.

What Paul’s Been Up To: Pretty much a rinse-and-repeat of last week: school, work, and the like. It will most likely be like this for the next month or so as he digs his heels in for this last session of school.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I’ve added “chief entertainer” to my job description, ha. In all reality, it isn’t that bad (check back with me mid-August, though). There are plenty of things to do around here that are fun. We usually still wake up relatively early (thanks to the alarm clock that is named Abigail), so we even get most of the things done before it gets too warm.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: Playing video games, playing with his sister, working on becoming a LEGO master builder, reading…typical summer stuff.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She has become a firm believer that the people or characters in the television are talking to her specifically (especially Mickey Mouse or Daniel Tiger), so when one of her shows is ending, she’ll babble (I’m pretty sure she’s trying to say, “see you later” or “see you soon”) and wave. She also LOVES to dance to any music (moves that have bounces and knee-bends at varying speeds and depths). Oh, and she has decided that if she gets hurt, she needs to “get loves” (hugs) from everyone present. She especially loves to get hugs from Joseph. When he hugs her, she’ll put her head down on his shoulder and pat his back. It just might be one of the cutest things she does…though, when I’m holding her and she grabs the end of my braid to rub in her face to tickle herself…that’s pretty cute, too.

This Week in Pictures:

Giving “Bubba” (that’s what she refers to him as) “loves”.
One of her favorite past times: taking all the books out of her book bin and looking at {some of} them.
Checking out the dinos.
She loves being strolled around so that she can see all the animals.
Learning all about owls and checking out the taxidermied one.
Chillin’ while watching “gickey” (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse). Why does she look so huge in this picture?!
Showing off his latest LEGO set: a Minecraft mini-scene.
Sweet baby girl.
It’s hard to believe she’s going to be 18 months old this next week. Where has the time gone?

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