Strap In For Some Fun and LOADS of Pictures

I missed posting last week because we were in California for Christmas. We saw cousins and other family, went to a couple of amusement parks, and had an overall great time. I’ve got a handful of pictures from right before our trip, but it’s mostly trip pictures. Read the captions for more info, since I know there is no way I’m going to remember it all without looking at the pictures!

Abigail made a gnome at our ward Christmas party. 🙂
Taking peeks at her while she’s sleeping is kinda my favorite.
I made German pancakes for dinner. It was hilarious to see how much they poofed up!
They were quite tasty!
Watching her blend her new toys (from her birthday) in with her old toys was fun.
This was at 9:34 in the morning on the day we were due to leave for California. We weren’t going to be leaving for several more hours, but Abigail was ready!
One perk about bigger kids…they could haul in their own suitcases for our hotel stays! We took three days for travel on both our way out and the way back. It was nice to travel at a less-frantic pace!
I had told Abigail she could pack ONE Santa hat. She was wearing it and then I turned and discovered this. She told me she packed two because there was no way that Hulk would be happy without his own. 😀
I had to snap this picture. The night before, she had tried to get him to play instead of sleep, so they were both still snoozing in the morning after Paul and I were up. It was the one drawback of them sharing a bed during our hotel stays (they are SOOOO used to having their own rooms…and once we were at Mom’s, since they were sharing a room, we made sure to put her to bed first and after she fell asleep, then we had him go to bed).
Abigail’s teacher had given her reindeer food to sprinkle on Christmas Eve, so we made sure to bring it along to Grandma’s. 🙂
Playing with toys that I played with (as did my older siblings) as a kid.
Joseph pulling Abigail in the wagon.
Abigail giving a solid try pulling Joseph in the wagon.
Grandma blow-drying Abigail’s hair after a bath.
Christmas morning!
It was so fun seeing them get their stockings from the same spot we always got our stockings when I was growing up. My sweet daddy built that fireplace wall and hearth.
Showing me her candy cane and stocking stuffer (a DVD of Disney Pixar shorts).
Joseph’s stocking stuffer (a new video game).
Unwrapping presents.
Checking out his new sweatshirt.
Wearing the dress one of my amazing friends made for her.
A three-generation picture with my sweet momma, me, and my two awesome kiddos.
One of the theme parks we went to was Legoland. It was cool seeing all the things built from Legos!
Abigail liked that this guy was her size.
She also liked the car that the rabbit was driving.
While we were waiting for the boys to ride a bigger ride, we found a playhouse that had air-powered cannons for foam balls. Abigail had a ton of fun here.
We met up with Jason, Saira, and Luna. Abigail was so excited for cousin time! Luna is really close in age to her.
Joseph wanted to see how tall of a tower he could build.
The submarine ride had an area in the line where kids could build things and add it to the shark if they wanted to.
The submarine ride was really cool. It went along next to an actual aquarium and it also had a bunch of Lego creations (like starfish, treasure chests, etc.). If the kids spotted specific creations, they could keep track of them on a screen. The more they spotted, the more points they got.
This creation was fun. It was a firefighter, a fire hydrant, and spurting water, with another firefighter riding the water. 😀
They got to go to Lego “driving school”. I thought it was fun that the cars were not on a track. My favorite thing was that whenever Abigail’s car did something she didn’t anticipate, she’d throw her hands up in the air, but not let up on the gas at all, haha.
She thought this Lego car was fun, too.
Her souvenir (a plush Lego guy that looked like he was in a shark costume) and her favorite animal in Lego.
It was fun to see Lego Santa and reindeer.
My brother, Dave, was great at humoring Abigail. His dog, Maggie, is really getting up there in age, but she was also super sweet and patient (she always has been) with Abigail.
Aunt Jolee (Dave’s wife) was playing tug-o-war with Abigail using a wrapping paper tube.
I had completely forgotten I’d promised Abigail that I would take her to Build-a-Bear for her birthday. We had gone to a mall because the place we wanted to eat was attached to it. I didn’t realize there was a Build-a-Bear there, but when Abigail discovered there was one, she very quickly reminded me about my promise. She quickly chose Stitch. Here she is pushing the pedal to put the stuffing in him.
Giving Stitch a bath (the pedal made air come out to blow away any loose strands of stuffing).
With Stitch’s birth certificate. She decided at the last minute to name him Bobby Burst (don’t ask…I have absolutely no idea). We also splurged and got a sound to put into him (I yielded because it had sound bytes that were actually his voice), so when she squeezes his foot, he says stuff from the movie.
The other theme park we went to was Castle Park, which is a small theme park in my hometown, Riverside, California. It’s only about twenty minutes from my parents’ house, which was nice. Abigail loved this ride.
So did Joseph!
My kids can never resist a cutout. I thought it was funny that they reversed their sizes.
Joseph thought this one was funny.
I had to lift Abigail up for this one.
She LOVED these planes.
She also loved the flying animals.
I took this boy on the Tilt-a-Whirl. This is before…there is no after, because I felt rather…discombobulated, haha.
He and I also went on the free-fall ride.
Joseph petting Maggie. She really is the sweetest dog.
We actually went back to Castle Park a couple days later. On our first trip, several rides were closed for maintenance, so the park gave people complimentary tickets to come back. We decided this time around we would also introduce Abigail to miniature golf. She would hit the ball, but if it didn’t land where she preferred, she would just pick it up and move it, haha.
Family selfie!
Joseph on the swings.
I was surprised at just how high they went.
Joseph on the Tilt-a-Whirl. He went two times in a row (I’m glad he went by himself…I would have puked, haha).
Abigail used some of her saved up money for this…amazing hat.
On the planes again.
Getting ready for the flying animals ride. There was hardly anyone there, so the kids basically had zero wait time and could even go on rides repeatedly (for example, she went on this ride back-to-back without even needing to get off).
Getting ready for the spinning spaceship ride. I promise he had fun, haha. He was a little apprehensive about how fast it was going to go (hence the look on his face). It goes so fast, you’re stuck to the walls while it spins. It was my favorite ride when I was a kid.
They had to go on this ride again.
They could control their angle by moving the front sail back and forth.
Joseph having fun.
Abigail LOVED this ride, so so much. That’s her in the center of the picture. She had a huge grin on her face the entire time.
It’s a good thing they had a queen-sized bed to share. Abigail had a TON of stuffies along with her.
This is a cute one of the two of them.
After we got unpacked, I had the chance to set up my Christmas present. I’m tempted to leave it up all year (you can flip the Halloween sign to read Christmas). 😉

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