A Busy Week and a PARTY!

This past week was a busy one! I worked all week and we all had fun at work/school parties for the holidays. 3/4 of us are on winter break, which has been much anticipated. Abigail gave a talk in church and Joseph attended a special fireside meant to help him prepare to become a deacon and all the new things that go with that. Today, we had Abigail’s birthday party since her actual birthday is so close to Christmas. It’s been a busy but fun day.

Giving her talk.
A friend of mine baked this yummy bread.
She also gave me this cute ornament (which Abigail tried to talk me out of, but failed).
Abigail Art #1: a picture of her and me.
Abigail Art #2: Frosty the Snowman (from the cartoon). Do you see his flower hat?
Abigail Art #3: she said it wasn’t really an ugly sweater because it had her on it.
All Minnie Mouse’d up.
I sure love these two!
December in San Antonio can be pretty nice!
At a gift exchange for work, Paul got this little toaster. It heats up hot dogs and toasts the buns at the same time!
The gift bags for Abigail and her friends.
The birthday banner.
My sous chef getting ready to help make her cake.
Mixing up the batter.
Two cakes almost ready to stack and decorate!
The set-up.
Paul blew up a bunch of balloons. Pretty soon, Abigail came up and told me she was an elephant. 😀
One friend got her a sketch book and markers.
Another friend got her a fuzzy animal journal. It’s a koala that has a smaller notebook in its pouch.
Another friend got her this big egg. It had a stuffed animal inside along with a few other things.
Sparkly play-doh and a Moana doll.
A purse pet. That thing actually blinks!
A Rainbow Dash plush that lights up and plays soft music. Perfect for bedtime!
A Bluey garbage truck!
Minnie Mouse RC car.
A Bluey house. Now she has the house, the car, the camper, and the garbage truck.
Singing Happy Birthday!
Blowing out the candle!
Hugging the stuffy that came in the giant egg.
It’s really quite cute. It came with a bandage and a health checklist…so I guess it’s a doctor one (I think there are different ones, but it’s a mystery which one you get).
She drew a picture of her friend (who has glasses) with her new drawing things.
Playing with her new toys.
We got her this Hulk stuffy and she was ridiculously excited.

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