Spring Vibes

This past week, the weather took a turn. The beginning of the week was like February, but then by the end, it was more like March or April. It even got up to the 80s! We started off the week with a holiday for Paul and the kids (it was a teacher work day for me). Paul spent a big chunk of the day looking at new cars. His Mazda 3 still ran okay, but it was rather low, so it was hard for him to get in and out of sometimes with his knees (wrestling and the Army have taken their toll). He’s been thinking on it for a while and decided to get a CX-5 (which is what our other car is). He got a used 2021 CX-5 Touring (our other one is a 2022 CX-5 Select that we bought new a couple of years ago). The height difference is crazy. It’s much easier to get in and out of and he likes having the space to haul things (today he loaded it up with soil, manure, and plants). When I got off work, he called me and asked that I bring the kids down so that we could get all the papers signed. The rest of the week was spent doing our regular stuff. I had a field trip with my class on Friday to the rodeo. It was more educational than entertaining (there were stations they went to where they could learn about different agricultural things), but they did get to see some animals (they got to pet baby chicks) and watch a trick horse show while they ate lunch. Oh, and they did get to watch pig races, so that was fun, too. It was a busy but good week.

The seed potatoes that Paul planted are growing!
I think it’s fun that we have two cars that are almost identical. 🙂 Paul’s is a bit fancier with a sun/moon roof and slightly larger tires (and he has a power lift for his back hatch, which is nice), but they’re almost the same. He wants to get a tow package like we got for mine so that if he needs to, he can attach a trailer to haul stuff. Don’t mind the red blobs…I just didn’t want to post a picture with our license plate numbers on there.
Paul surprised me with license plate frames for my car. It means a lot that even after 22 years of marriage he still likes to do little things to make me smile. 🙂
I rocked my students’ world the other day by completely rearranging our desk set-up. Before, I had my small group table at the side of the room by the whiteboard and the desks were in four groups of five. It was…cramped. I got to thinking on how I could get more space and came up with this set -up. This way, not only do we have more space, but I can now have eyes on all my kiddos even when I have a small group.
Now there’s a lot more space between the desks and the cubbies, too.
One of the things that Abigail got as part of her Valentine’s Day haul was a miniature paint set, complete with canvas and easel. She painted this that same day, but I kept forgetting to get her picture with it. She’s super-proud of her first “real painting”.

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