Making Up For It!

So…it’s been a couple weeks since I last posted something. Usually I’m pretty good about posting every week, but I hadn’t been taking many pictures leading up to spring break. I was busy with report cards, we were passing some sort of respiratory illness around (first it was Abigail, then it was Joseph, then me, and then finally Paul), and life was just…crazy. It did slow down a bit this past week due to spring break (thank goodness). Paul was working for part of it. He did take one day off so we could take the kids to Six Flags (we decided to get passes for Six Flags rather than renew our passes to the zoo) but then he was sick at the tail-end. Both kids were pretty mild (they mainly had fevers and congestion) when they were sick, but mine (right at the beginning of spring break) was more like severe congestion (but no fever) for about 3-4 days. Paul went full-blown sinus infection, poor guy. He recognized what it was, went to urgent care, and they gave him a steroid shot and some antibiotics (hooray for doctors that trust that we know our symptoms of these repeat illnesses we get). He started feeling quite a bit better, which is great!

The hawk is back! Paul joked that it was sitting there waiting for a rat to appear (have at it, my dude).
I put up St. Patrick’s Day decorations, though now it’s time to pull out the Easter stuff!!
Abigail loved getting to be in the book character parade for Read Across America Week. Since my class is out in the portables, we opted to stay outside and cheer for the participants as they went from one wing to another.
My students recognized her and cheered really loudly when she walked by. She loved it!
Fresh bang trim!!
I love when the old leaves fall off as the new ones are growing in. I think “new leaf” green might be my favorite.
I also got a trim…and love my new teacher t-shirt. My students get a kick out of it, too.
Since I was all sniffly at the beginning of spring break, I took advantage and read my next book club book. It was so nice to just sit and read. 🙂
Spring break vibes: Joseph practicing skateboarding (using a borrowed board) and Abigail bubbling.
She also pulled out the sidewalk chalk.
I did take them to the zoo one day since our passes were still good for a bit longer. They’re doing a lot of construction, so there were a lot of places blocked off. Both kids were also a bit underwhelmed. Abigail liked seeing the animals (it was fun to see the Jaguar on top of his temple), but after one trip around our normal haunts, they were done. Joseph aged out of interest a while ago, but this was the first trip where I felt Abigail had, too.
This was one of the first time we’d actually seen the capybaras.
She had a hard time spotting the lions at first…
…so I zoomed in for a picture and then showed her. The marvels of digital photography!
I was totally getting rhino vibes that day. It was crowded and starting to get a bit warm at this point.
She did have to get onto the lion statue one more time.
This…is the first picture I took at Six Flags. We decided to get passes because a) both kids love amusement park rides, b) it’s a lot closer to us than the zoo, and c) it seemed like a natural transition now that the kids are getting older.
She loved this teacup ride (I loved that she did it solo…I don’t handle spinny rides very well).
She also loved this dragon.
On the carousel.
Paul took Joseph and I took Abigail. Joseph loves that there are bigger rides here.
After lunch, we swapped kids. Paul took Abigail to get a souvenir (it’s Krypto the dog from Superman…Six Flags is Looney Tunes and DC superhero themed).
On the Green Lantern planes.
On the Looney Tunes bus.
In front of the Six Flags sign.
He convinced me to go on a couple of big rides with him. It was so fun!
Abigail had an egg hunt for Primary Activities. She loved it!
I loved the sunset as we were getting ready to go home. 🙂
We’ve got lots of potatoes…
…and some tomatoes…
…and some more potatoes…
…and an actual tomato!
I made corned beef and cabbage in the crock pot for St. Patrick’s Day today. 3 out of 4 Darrs liked it (big guess on who didn’t, ha).
I thought it was cool that it actually looked like the picture on the recipe, ha.
I also made soda bread. We decided that next time, it would be even better with some jam instead of just butter.

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