Some {Super} Early Christmas Fun

Weekly Happenings: This past week held a fun family outing: on Friday, we were able to go to the zoo to see the Zoo Lights. It’s something they’ve started to do for Christmas. Yes, I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but they were letting zoo members get in before they opened it up to the general public. We decided to go early and beat the crowds that seem to get bigger and bigger the closer it gets to Christmas itself (in other words, any time after Thanksgiving). The zoo was decorated with lights, there was music…plus the novelty of being able to go at night. It made for a fun night.

The Weekly Weather: It’s been rather warm, actually. We even had it get into the 80s a couple times. A cold front did move in last night, though, so we should have some cooler weather for a bit.

What Paul’s Been Up To: Mainly work and school. He has worked some more on the baby gates for the stairs and has spent quite a bit of time with Joseph, doing what Joseph likes to call “Dad and son time” (video games, playing in the yard, etc.).

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Mainly just my main deal right now: keeping the kiddos happy and healthy!

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He enjoyed his last week of school before the Thanksgiving break (they have this next week off), and has been a continual help with Abigail. I’m so grateful for my big helper!

What Abigail’s Been Up To: We’ve been trying to give her more “floor time” so that she can continue to work on scooting around. I’ve already seen an increase in just this past week. She’s also been better at accepting being laid down for an actual in-the-crib nap during the morning. Afternoon naps have never been an issue, but she’s always struggled with morning naps. Most up to this point have been in the car, on the floor, on my bed, etc.. I’ve noticed that her demeanor is even better than normal with a little bit of extra sleep. Oh, and she has decided that completely pureed food is for the birds, and will only eat food with little chunks of food in it (as well as little puffs and bites of her teething wafers). Such a big girl!

This Week in Pictures:

Photographic evidence of her accidental napping.
Not much can be better than snuggling with a lovey and watching Baby Einstein.
All dolled up for church.
Latest installment of “Now Where Did the Baby Go?”
Tangled up in the tunnel.
This one always keeps me on my toes.
Exploring the downstairs from ground level.
At first, she decided that pounding the floor was more fun than playing with toys…now she goes in between the two.
Playing peek-a-boo.
She thought it was the funniest thing when I would appear at the other end of the tunnel.
Dancing in the spotlights at the zoo.
Riding one of his favorites on the zoo carousel.
“Good dragon!”
Hanging out while Joseph and Paul were on the carousel, taking in all the lights.
Chillin’ with the lions.
The lights were pretty cool.
Another lion shot.
In front of the Zoo Lights sign.
Striking a pose!

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  1. I’ve been forgetting to look at this. Glad I did today. I’ve noticed how warm it is by the way everyone is dressed. I am jealous!

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