Some Fun New Firsts

This past week contained some fun new firsts. A big one was that I started teaching piano. Right now I have four students, with two more due to start next month. I’ll probably have one more once tennis season is over, since his tennis practice currently interferes with lesson times. I was nervous at first, but the more I do it, the more I’m seeing that I remember a lot from watching my mom teach, as well as being taught by her. Another first is that I’ve been called to be the new visiting teaching coordinator for my ward. That means that I help the Relief Society president make sure that each woman in our ward has someone to visit (and check on to make sure that all is well with them) and has someone to visit them. I’m a little nervous about the amount of work and responsibility that comes with this calling, but I know that if I put my trust in the Lord, He will help me get through it all. The kind of funny story about the whole thing was when the call was first issued, the member of the bishopric asked if I would be a supervisor (where I would just check with a certain group of women to see if they were able to get their visiting teaching done), which I agreed to. A few days later, I got an email from the Relief Society president, thanking me for agreeing to be the coordinator. Ummm, what?! Hahahaha. After a reply email and phone call, we got it all sorted out. 🙂 The last first (if that makes sense, hahaha) is getting ready for Paul’s hernia surgery which will take place tomorrow morning. While he was still deployed, he injured himself trying to help a fellow soldier lift a trunk that ended up being way heavier than it looked. It took a while for him to be able to get the Army to get him in to see a doctor, and then it took a while before he was able to get a doctor that really took the time to see what was wrong. So tomorrow we’re going to drop Joseph off at one of my friend’s house and then go to the hospital from there. Paul luckily has enough sick-time built up that he can take an entire week off of work in order to recover. Hopefully it will all go well!

The Weekly Weather: It’s been up and down again this week. I seem to have forgotten that this is what the end of last winter/beginning of last spring was like. We had a few warmer days interspersed with cold and rainy days. Next week is supposed to be the same. I’m grateful for the rain that we are getting, though. The aquifer needs it!

Cute/Funny Stories For the Week: Joseph saw some sheet music that I had (some extra scale sheets that I decided to let him have) and wanted to hold them. As soon as I gave them to him, he held them in front of himself and started to sing (la la la la). 🙂

On one of the chillier days this past week, Joseph came up to me, dragging behind him one of the blankets that we keep on our couch. He then said to me, “Wrap in blanket? I OH so cold! Brrrr!” Once wrapped in the blanket, he then started to run around the house saying that he was Batman. 🙂

One evening, Paul asked him if he needed more milk in his cup. He said, “Yes, please!” After given the refilled cup, he told Paul, “Thank you very much!” It’s good to know that the manners are starting to come through, though sometimes we jokingly call him “Commando Demando” because he’ll occasionally just demand something. Tonight, for instance. He demanded, “Salt!” and then “Pepper!” for his food. So, yeah…we’re still working on “please” and “thank you”. At least he gets it most of the time.

There was one instance this week where I was a bit clumsy and ended up inadvertently hurting myself (I think I smashed a finger in a drawer). As I was expressing my pain (“Ow, ow, ow, OW”), Joseph came running up very concerned and asked if I was okay. I was grateful for the sympathy and love. 🙂

One night, Joseph walked up to Paul and asked to be cuddled. He then put Paul’s hand on his stomach and kind of moved it around a bit. Paul took from this that Joseph wanted to be tickled, so he very willingly obliged.

Joseph has shown some excellent problem solving skills, as well. He was watching a cartoon (not Mickey Mouse Clubhouse…I think it was The Backyardigans) and one of the characters was facing a minor problem. Joseph said, “Call Toodles for help! Oh, Toodles, oh Toodles!” (Toodles helps Mickey and his friends on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse). It’s funny how he can relate one thing from one show to a completely different show.

This Week in Pictures:

Stalling before nap time. He knew as soon as his cheese snack and juice we gone that he’d have to go in for his nap, so he was taking tiny sips and nibbles.
Checking out the kids’ menu at IHOP.
Smiling for Daddy.
Chowing down on mac n’ cheese (he didn’t really care for the fruit).
My boys just relaxing after a long day.
Joseph loves his iguana puppet. I got it at the last Granny’s Attic (a swap-type thing put on by our Relief Society…you bring stuff to give away and then get to take other people’s stuff that they don’t want).
He wanted ALL the hats on.
Trying to figure out our old video camera.
He was sure he was supposed to be able to see people on it…or talk to it in some way. I have a feeling we should Skype with some family pretty soon.
Typical dinner-time at our house.
For some reason, even though I’ve told him countless times not to walk around the house like this, he still does. I don’t know how many times he’s walked into walls. Luckily the blanket serves as a tiny bit of padding.
“Peek-a-boo! I’m Batman!”
Eating lunch. It still gets me when I see how small he is in comparison to the table.
Wearing my Ove-Glove and getting ready to give Daddy a high-five.


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