A Week to Recover

This past week was a recovery week. Joseph had a bit of an icky stomach, which didn’t manifest itself in more throwing up, but more in the icky diaper area. After 3 days of no change, I took him into the doctor (especially since he had some painful gas bubbles the night before which made his stomach rock-hard). They tested for strep (in case that was what was causing the unpleasant diapers) which came back negative. His ears also looked fine, but his throat was a bit red. When I told the doctor he had pretty bad allergies, she said that there was some children’s allergy medicine that I could give him. Yay! She also said to continue to give him some probiotics to fight off the stomach bug (Paul and I had already started the night before with those along with cutting out all dairy except yogurt, which has probiotics in it). The next day, he was completely back to normal, which was good, because then I got it. Luckily, mine only lasted for a day. Also during this week, we got crafty and painted Joseph’s name on his wall using fun colors and letter stencils. He knows what each of the letters are (well, he knows all his letters, but he knows those best of all since we repeat them the most).

The Weekly Weather: I’ve decided to add a bit about the weather, since I find it interesting how quickly it changes and how varied it is out here. The week started off nice, in the upper-60s to low-70s. Then we had one cold day where it dropped down into the 40s-50s. After that, the rest of the week was warmer, sometimes reaching into the 80s. Then there was today. Mild, warmish morning and early afternoon. When we walked into church, it was in the mid-70s. When we walked out, 3 hours later, the temperature had plummeted over 30 degrees and a freezing wind was blowing. Needless to say, we pretty much sprinted to the car. The next couple of days are supposed to be cold and then it’ll warm up again. No wonder our allergies are going crazy!

Funny/Cute Story for the Week: Joseph did tons of funny and cute things this week. The only one that really sticks out though, is the yogurt episode. Let me preface the story by informing you that Joseph LOVES yogurt. It is probably his favorite of his newly-acquired dairy snacks (along with goldfish crackers). Okay, so I had let him have some yogurt as a bedtime snack a couple of nights ago, and when it was gone, he was kind of sad. Paul came downstairs and Joseph (very hopefully and maybe even a little on the innocent side) asked Paul for yogurt. I had to jump in and say that he had already had his yogurt so that Paul would know that Joseph was seemingly attempting to pull a fast one on him. Sneaky kid!

Oh, I almost forgot. Paul was able to get a copy of the “Cars” movie, which Joseph immediately fell in love with (he was already familiar with the characters because of some things that he’s seen on the Disney channel). He now goes around the house saying, “Ka-chow!” (something that the race car, Lightning McQueen says a lot) and he gets excited when he sees either Lightning McQueen or Mayter (the tow truck). One of Paul’s co-workers gave him a “Cars” book that belonged to her daughter when she was younger (she’s now a teenager) to give to Joseph. It is his current favorite book. 🙂

This Week in Pictures:

There are times I just can’t resist this sweet face. 🙂
He loved thease ears! He wore them out, though. I kept taping them back together, but one day I had to sneak them into the trash while he was napping because they were just too far gone. He hasn’t seemed to miss them (such is the way with a two-year-old).
Trying to entice me to play cars with him…it’s so much fun being this little boy’s momma!
Paul doing the finishing touches on the letters. I had helped up to this point, but stepped back to get a couple of shots.
Peeling off the stencils
Almost there!
After a haircut. This was a big moment for me. Up to this point, Paul has had to cut Joseph’s hair because he (Joseph, that is), puts up such a fight that I was too apprehensive to get it done efficiently enough (I was scared I was going to hurt him). This time, though, I wanted to do it myself. He still cried and occasionally screeched through the entire thing, but he didn’t thrash about as much. In my book, that’s a win!
Reading the “Cars” book with Daddy
I must admit, it’s a pretty cool book…
“Is my yogurt really all gone?!”
“There’s GOT to be more in there!”
14 - 1 (8)
Giving me a goofy face while munching on goldfish crackers.
I decided to change up the dry-erase board in Joseph’s room. It took a bit longer than I originally planned, but I like the results. I copied most of the animals off of a little blanket that one of my friends made for him when he was a baby.
He loves it when we flip the screen on our phones so that he can see himself on the screen as I take a picture. He kept opening his mouth and sticking out his tongue, hahaha!

Bonus Video/Audio: This needs a little explanation. Paul and I were recently talking about how we need to get it on video when Joseph sings along to songs (usually this happens in the car). Tonight, when I was singing to Joseph before he went to bed, he started singing along, so I told Paul I thought it might be fun to record it. Hence why it is dark through the whole thing. There isn’t anything wrong with the picture, it’s just dark because we had the lights off. We recorded it mainly for the audio. 🙂 Plus, Paul had to kind of hide the video camera because if Joseph saw it, he’d probably stop singing. At the very end, he noticed what Paul was doing and did exactly what I thought he might do… 🙂


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