Some Birthdays and Some Birds

This past week was pretty fun. Not only did we kick off September, but we celebrated both my birthday and Joseph’s birthday. On my birthday, we did presents, went out to eat, and then came home for cake and ice cream. For Joseph’s birthday, he had a couple friends come along with us to go to Main Event. We ate pizza and then the boys went off to do Laser Tag and play games (Paul hung out with them while I played games with Abigail). We came home for cupcakes and ice cream, along with presents. After that, we went out to eat as a family (and had a fun time getting back into the car in a torrential downpour). It was a long but fun day.

We have a trail cam out in the back yard. It’s been picking up quite a few birds at the bird bath. We have some little brown birds and doves in this picture.
My pumpkin plant is exploding!
The trail cam picked up a very dapper grackle, as well.
And a dove pool party.
She found a Disney princess compilation sing-along, but needed to be dressed for the part, so she ran up and got on her Belle costume.
My quote for September.
My presents.
A close-up of my new backpack purse.
I found these Little People figurines for Dis de Los Muertos and knew they’d be perfect for Abigail. She loves all things Halloween and loves the movie “Coco”, which is all about Dis de Los Muertos.
Joseph and his two buddies.
Abigail doing a motorcycle game…yes, she’s completely off the course and in the weeds, haha.
Abigail playing Mario Kart.
The boys played Laser Tag a lot yesterday.
I had to get this picture of Abigail playing Space Invaders. 🙂
As well as this one of her playing Pac-Man.
Doing a racing game.
They did a couple of different racing games.
Figuring out which game to do next.
They did a virtual reality game where they were all on the same team, trying to get the bad guys (aka the game itself).
It was funny to see them all wandering around in the ring.
A cake mix makes for good cupcakes. I piped canned frosting onto the top and then we had these cupcake toppers that we just popped on. He wanted a Harry Potter theme for some of his party, so we did Harry Potter cupcakes and butterbeer (just a combo of cream soda, vanilla ice cream, ice, and butterscotch syrup all blended together) and Harry Potter party favors (a wand and a fidgit-spinner that looked like a golden Snitch).
Getting ready to blow out the candles.
He got a couple of card games.
And some new video games.
He’s been wanting them for a while now.
A drum pad and a Pokemon toy.
A set of books.
We decorated with a few of his other favorite things: Minecraft and Pokemon.

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