Soaking Up Summer

Weekly Happenings: Summer is swiftly coming to an end. At first it seemed like it would never get here, and all of a sudden, it’s here. We tried to squeeze in some more playing and a zoo trip when it wasn’t too hot.

The Weekly Weather: It’s been downright gross, haha. We’re having a heat wave, so temps have been over 100 degrees and it’s been humid and yucky. It’s supposed to cool down a little by the middle of next week, but I would belying if I said I’m not looking forward to cooler weather…so…November? 😉

What Paul’s Been Up To: This was a work-from-home week, so he also had some time to work on Joseph’s loft bed some more. He’s currently painting it. Once it dries, he’ll take the legs off so that we can get it upstairs and then he’ll reassemble it in Joseph’s room. Yay!

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I’ve mainly been just doing what I can to keep the kids healthy, fed, and (relatively) happy.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He starts school on the 24th (virtually) and will hopefully be able to go back to school itself after Labor Day. He’s soaking in as much sleeping in, backyard playing, video game playing, LEGO building, etc. as he can until then.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: Her imagination is exploding right now. The other night, I overheard her playing in the bathtub. She was pretending that her washcloth had kidnapped one of her toys, who was the mom of another one of her toys. I heard her say, Hey? Where’s my mom?” and then in a slightly different voice, “I have her! Ha ha ha!” (that’s her villainous laugh). Then, I heard her say, “Hey! Give her back!”, “Oh, okay. Sorry!”, and “That’s okay.” At least things were resolved peacefully. 😉

She’s too cool for bedtime. 😉
“Mom! I have your boots on!”
She was so stinkin’ proud of herself for getting them on her feet.
Playing with the letters on the magnet board.
I realized Abigail needed bigger shoes. When I figured out what size she was going to need, I remembered I had set aside Joseph’s old cowboy boots from when he was about this age.
It doesn’t get much more “San Antonio” than Texas flag boots and a Spurs shirt.
Her little sister game is on point. All those empty chairs to choose from…and she chose the one that Joseph was already sitting in.
Another attempt at applesauce since I was able to get the correct amount of apples.
The finished product! It’s pretty tasty!
There was one night this week that I decided I needed to be in my comfy, stay-at-home clothes a bit early. Abigail was excited to see Jack on my clothes. She kept saying, “Oooooh! So spooky! I love it!”
I decided to switch up the homemade pizza that I normally do by making a calzone instead. It was pretty tasty!
Abigail asked me to give her a hairstyle, so I did two ponytails.
She told me she wanted the narwhal clips because they had horns just like the unicorn on her shirt.
He was running laps. He also got new shoes (that he said made him feel like he could run faster than before).
Getting some swinging in before the swings got too hot.
She knew Paul was in there working…so she ran up and knocked on the door. She loves getting into his office because there are so many things for her to explore, haha.
Playing with the frisbee.
We need to work on Abigail’s form just a bit. 😉
Checking out a black bear. I was pretty excited that I got Abigail’s hair to stay in a full ponytail!
Hanging out with some pachyderms.
Saying hello to the okapi.
They both love looking at this fun guy (or gal).
Taking a break in the AC (inside the hippo enclosure).
She had been bringing down one block at a time…until she decided to bring down the entire bin.
Once she brought the bin down, she plunked it it down and then said to me, “Look Mom! I found a bin of blocks!” almost as if she had just happened upon it, instead of having purposefully brought it downstairs.
He’s got Joseph’s bed all built. Now all that’s left to do is paint! Once that’s all done and dry, he’ll take the legs off so that we can take it upstairs and then he’ll reassemble it in Joseph’s room.
Google Photos did this then-and-now photo. I forgot how squishy his cheeks were.

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