Soaking in the Summer

We’re coming to grips with the idea that school will be starting in…two weeks. Oiy! As a result, we tried to squeeze in some fun things this past week: a trip to the zoo…playing outside when the evenings allow…it’s going to go too fast! Monday’s weather was a little sketchy (we had a ton of rain fall out of the sky all at once), but the rest of the week was rather nice (other than the heat and humidity, but one can’t really escape that in August, haha).

Monday morning, we drove to the store. Halfway there, it started pouring. We waited about ten minutes once we got to the store to see if it would quit, but it didn’t, so we turned around to come home. I was at a stoplight and glanced over in shock. The lane next to me was completely covered in deep water. My lane had a little water in it, but not nearly as much as this lane did…so yeah, this is how much water fell in about twenty minutes or so! Later in the day, it stopped raining, so I headed back to the store. This same area was clear and almost dry. Crazy!
Big puddles call for jeans and boots. I usually don’t wear long pants in the dead of summer, but that day I did!
After a crazy busy day, I was so happy to realize it was taco salad dinner day. I love it when dinner comes together quickly!
It hit the spot after a crazy Monday.
I got a new fancy jar to hold some of the kids’ treats. It looks nice in my pantry, makes it easy to see how much we have left, and was only $10!
D’you remember the fancy brownies I made with their fancy butterscotch sauce? I poured the leftover sauce into a jar and have kept it in the fridge for moments just like this. Yum!
A zoo trip would be incomplete without a butterfly picture!
The fossa was actually out (and chewing on a ball…so this large cat was acting rather like a dog, haha).
The clouded leopard looked rather regal sitting on its perch.
The caracal was just chilling. 🙂
In front of one of several waterfalls at the zoo.
Hippo time!
This vulture is not an animal that is officially part of the zoo. There is just a bajillion of them that happen to hang out all over the zoo, haha.
Abigail loves the pelicans…a lot. 🙂
On the carousel. Joseph opted for the lion…
…while Abigail picked the seahorse. 🙂
Last night, the weather was as perfect as can be for August. It was still a little warm, but there was a hint of a cool breeze that drove away some of the humidity and all of the mosquitoes. It actually felt a little refreshing!
They were enjoying playing with the bubble gun.
She made a “campfire”. She was trying to stand up the biggest weed so that it looked like flames.
The sunshine coming through the trees made it feel a bit magical outside.
She was using a blade of grass (that had a bushy end) like a paintbrush and was painting the leaves. 🙂
This weekend was a tax-free weekend (meaning that a lot of things won’t have tax added to them), so I went to grab clothes and shoes for the kids for school. Abigail asked for boots and well…I couldn’t help but comply.
11:30 at night and it’s still in the 80s. 🥵
It wouldn’t be so bad except for the humidity and dew point. Those make the air feel heavy and sticky.
The toads love it, though. We have so many in our yard this year! This guy is about a medium sized one (I’ve seen bigger and smaller) and kind of cute! I think he’s about 3-4 inches big.


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