“I’ll Help You, Mom!” and an Anniversary of Sorts

Nine years ago today, we were in the middle of what I have labeled “the BIG move” (from California to Texas). We broke up the drive into three days. Paul drove our U-Haul and I followed behind in our car with Joseph (who wasn’t quite one yet). We knew we wouldn’t have very good cell phone reception during a lot of the trip, so we literally used a set of walkie-talkies to communicate. 😂 When we got to San Antonio, we settled into an extended-stay hotel and started our house-hunt. Three days into it, we found our house and started the escrow process. Less than a month later, we were moving into our home. It really was a whirlwind of a time (especially since we also bought our station wagon two days after we moved into our house). It simultaneously feels like just yesterday and forever ago (every time I look at how big Joseph has gotten). It was really hard moving so far away from family and everything I’d known my whole life, but we settled in relatively quickly and love it here. I just make sure to call my momma once a week to help ward off any pangs of homesickness. 😁

As for the other part of my title for this post, Abigail has been really into helping me with pretty much everything this week…whether I needed the help or not. 😂 I’ll let the pictures explain.

All dressed up for church. Abigail insisted on wearing the crocheted dress that a good friend of mine made for her…almost two years ago now (I think). It was a little short, so I made sure she had shorts underneath ( as well as a shirt since the top of the dress was a little spread out).
The first installment of “I’ll help you, Mom!”: helping take out the trash.
The second installment of “I’ll help you, Mom!”: loading the dishwasher. She did this while I wasn’t looking. I had to take stuff out to rinse off and rearrange a few things, but she was so stinkin’ proud of herself for helping. 😁
“Just because it’s Thursday” flowers. 😍
The final installment of “I’ll help you, Mom!”: watering the plants. You might wonder why she’s so…soaked. Well, I was watering, pruning, weeding, etc. outside and she was with me, playing. I was using the sprinkler for a bit to get some of the dry parts of the lawn and well, you can probably see where this is going. 😂 I didn’t notice until she was already soaked, so I just rolled with it. Then she wanted to help me water my geraniums. Never a dull moment with this child!
I gave her a Mickey Mouse ice cream bar and ran upstairs to put away a few things. I came downstairs to find her making “ice cream soup”. Hoo-boy. She sure knows how to make a mess. Luckily, it was all on her plate (and face and hands, of course), so it wasn’t really that bad to clean up. Baby steps, I suppose. 😂
You might live in Texas if you’re drinking a shake from Whataburger while wearing a Buc-ee’s shirt. 😂
The only one in our family that is a “born-in-Texas” Texan is totally fine with her parents’ California roots.
I think Abigail is wishing for cooler weather…either that or she just likes to push buttons and flip switches. 😜 Thankfully our little fireplace has separate switches: one for light and one for heat. Abigail knows she’s only allowed to flip the light one. Frankly, the sight of it is making me wish for cooler temps, too!
A little picture swapping: I moved my driftwood photo over next to my flower photo. There had been just a stock photo of the moon there before (to go along with the book quote above), but I like that I now have both of the nature photos that I took at the Gulf grouped together.
I had an updated family photo printed and I put that in the spot where my driftwood photo was previously. Now that wall is all family-related, which I like as well. 😊

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