Well, sort of. The week started out normal; kind of chilly, but normal. Then on Thursday, we had a weather adventure. We had the right conditions to get a mixture of ice, sleet, and this stuff called graupel, which is like pellets of snow encased in ice, making it look kind of like Styrofoam pellets or, as it was referred to by several of my friends, “Dippin’ Dots snow”. It hung around all day Thursday and well into Friday before it got warm enough to melt it all completely. I took several pictures, since this experience is all new to me. We played in it for a bit, but didn’t stay out too long, because it was still bitterly cold. Other than that, our week was pretty average with grocery shopping, music playtime, and oh! I forgot that we had a play date! I went over to my friend Celeste’s house so that Joseph and her daughter could play and we could hang out. She has become a really good friend. 🙂 We also had another friend of mine over with her two sons for dinner (her husband is currently out of state for work). Joseph loved playing with the boys, even though they are nowhere near in age to him (one is 7ish and the other is less than a year old).

Funny/Cute Stories for the Week:

We were driving down the road one day and Joseph saw some cows in a field. Usually I’ll draw his attention to them. I didn’t have to this time. I heard from the back seat, “Look, Joseph…cows!” He also told himself to look at several other things on that trip. 🙂

One afternoon, Joseph was stomping around the loft and I asked him what was up. He told me, “I a giant! Stomp, stomp!”

My friend Celeste and her family have a gerbil named Panda (he’s black and white). When we were over for our play date, she got Panda out so that Joseph could pet him (she was awesome and recognized his apprehension, so she got him to pet Panda’s back while she held the more wriggly end toward herself). After he pet him, she said that he could tell him hello, so Joseph leaned forward and said, “Hi, Panda, I Joseph!”

This week Joseph has really been into “keep-a-boo” (his version of peek-a-boo). The other evening, we were lounging on the couch and he was covered with a blanket. All of a sudden, I heard him say, “Where’s Joseph?” So I asked him where he was and he popped the blanket off his face (he’d pulled it in front of his face) and shouted, “Keep-a-boo!” This kept us both rather entertained. He also surprised me by demonstrating that he knows most of the words to the “Tickle was the tall one” rhyme that I do with his toes (and grew up with Mom and Dad doing it to my toes).

He’s also into giving kisses. After we have family prayer (right before he goes to bed), I’ll tell him to kiss Daddy on the head and he’ll go over, put his lips on Paul’s forehead and say, “Muah!” He’ll do the same to both my cheeks (though tonight, he kissed both my cheeks and my nose…but he was stalling, trying not to go to bed).

This afternoon, when I was putting his shoes on in order to leave for church, he said, “Oh no! They disappeared! Again.” I think he was referring to his toes.

We were watching home videos tonight, and I put the one on of Joseph’s first bath. He watched it for a little while and then started to get a bit concerned (in the video, he’s crying quite heartily). He kept saying, “Stop crying, baby!”

This week in Pictures:

Joseph calls this his owl…
It’s supposed to be a really creepy character from comic books and role-playing games…but we think it’s funny that Joseph calls it an owl. It’s got wings and big eyes, so I guess that makes sense.
14 - 3 (1)
Jumping on the trampoline at his play date
14 - 2 (3)
At first he wasn’t sure about the trampoline
14 - 1 (4)
But then he got the hang of it.
This is what we woke up to the day after our play date
A mixture of sleet, ice, and graupel
crazy stuff
I made a feeble attempt to clear the walk (since we were having people come over), but after one or two passes with the shovel, I realized I didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing (and probably didn’t have the right type of shovel, even though it had a flat end). So I let Mother Nature take care of it.
Close-up of the graupel (see? It looks like Styrofoam!)
Picking up pellets of snow
Pulling his hands into his jacket to keep them warm (I don’t own a pair of gloves for him…never thought we’d need them in South Texas).
Brushing off the slide
He’d touch it, and then say, “Brrrrr! Cold!” Even though he was freezing after a bit, he still cried when it was time to go in.
My boys
I can only get cooking/baking done if he’s got some instruments of his own.
Piano pals
I love his expression in this picture
Snuggling under the blanket
Playing with his cars, while…wearing…his car…
He liked the mini blanket/pillow fort that Paul built around him
“Blast off!”

Here’s a couple bonus videos:

Joseph zooming with his airplane:

Joseph showing how much he likes a show on PBS called “Word Girl”, which is about a superhero who uses a lot of different vocabulary:


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