I Should Expect This By Now…

We’ve been living in Texas for well over a year now, so I should totally expect the weather to be unpredictable and to change quickly…but I’m don’t. It’s been bouncing back and forth from cold and miserable to warm and pleasant all week. I’m thankful for our walk-in closet, because it affords enough room for me to be able to have both warm and cold weather clothes out at the same time, since I switch between them so often! Other than the flip-floppy weather, our week has been relatively normal. We got new phones, which has been fun and a blessing. We’ve had Sprint for a very long time (Paul had it before we got married and I got a phone as soon as we got married, so that’s almost 12 years for me and longer for him), but their coverage in our area here has been less than ideal. We switched over to T-Mobile, which has been much better. We get better coverage and have a cheaper bill. We also switched to Texas numbers, which makes it feel like we really belong now. 😉 The only other thing that stands out from this week is that on Thursday Joseph was really excited to have his “story friends” over for music playtime. I don’t know when it happened, but somehow something just switched in his brain and now he LOVES music playtime (before he liked it a bit, but got bored easily. Now he’s engaged the entire time and is sad when it’s over). Awesome! Oh, and on Saturday we took Joseph to the Old Town Helotes market day. One booth had helium balloons which they were handing out to the kids. We had Joseph walking with his puppy backpack/leash, so Paul just tied his balloon to the leash. He was SO into that balloon. He kept telling everyone we saw, “Balloon! Balloon!” I wish I would have gotten a picture because little did I know that about 15 minutes later he would trip and fall, land on the balloon and pop it. He was sad, but didn’t cry (I’m surprised it didn’t scare him). Later, while we were at HEB, we decided to get a bag of cheap balloons to just blow up at home. He was super excited about that. We blew up two of them (rather small so that they were less likely to pop) and he’s thoroughly enjoyed them. 🙂

Funny/Cute Stories for the Week:

Joseph, upon finding out that we were going to have macaroni and cheese for dinner: “Mac n’ cheese? Mac n’ cheese?!” (I answer in the affirmative), *he runs out of the kitchen, into the living room, starts dancing around, and doing fist pumps while jumping up and down* “Hurray! Hurray!”

We were driving past Jim’s (one of our favorite diners) and Joseph said, “Daddy, Uncle Jason, eat.” while pointing at Jim’s. He remembered that we took Jason to eat there when he came to visit back in November. He also remembers that it was Jason that gave him one of his trains for his train set. He’ll show me the train and say, “Uncle Jason!”

Joseph was playing with his cars and found the little bobcat construction thing (I really should know the names of the different construction equipment by now, but I don’t) that Grandma and Grandpa let him take home from their house when we visited this last Christmas. He got excited and ran over to me saying, “Grandpa’s house!” His memory amazes me sometimes!

When playing with his balloons, he was pounding them on the ground, saying, “I a monkey!” I guess he was pretending to be a monkey like at the zoo. 🙂

Joseph’s showing interest in “older” shows (I still can’s imagine them being THAT old, but whatever) like Gilligan’s Island (which he calls “the island”), M*A*S*H, and the original Batman. He mostly likes the theme songs, but he’ll laugh at some of the slapstick stuff that happens on Gilligan’s Island and he gets pretty concerned for Batman’s safety at times (He couldn’t care less about Robin, haha).

This Week in Pictures:

He loves boxes…he kept saying, “I in a box!” He also almost always says, “Cheese!” whether I ask him to or not. 🙂
Waving his balloons…
…and pounding them on the ground like the monkeys at the zoo pound stuff.
On Saturday we went out to eat at Freddy’s. Joseph was pretty excited that he got to sit in a booster seat as opposed to a high chair.
This group of pictures fits his personality perfectly!
He’s JUST about to say, “Cheese!” (you can totally see the /ch/ happening). 🙂
One of Google+’s auto-awesome things where they mash a bunch of pictures that were taken in rapid sequence together.
Coloring with some colored pencils. He loved it!
Roughhousing with Daddy
Paul had his hood up to protect his ears from being yanked upon. 🙂
Oops…I guess the credits for the original Superman movie ARE kind of distracting!


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