Rainy Cooler Days

Weekly Happenings: This past week was a pretty average one. We basically did our normal things with not too much out of the ordinary.

The Weekly Weather: It’s been a smidge cooler and we’ve had quite a bit of rain. It almost feels like fall. 😉

What Paul’s Been Up To: There hasn’t been too much out of the ordinary for him.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: There hasn’t been much out of the ordinary for me, either. We’re getting back into our daily routine with school drop off, pick up, errand running and the like.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He’s transitioning back into school pretty well. His teacher seems really great and does some fun things with them. He gave us some fun ideas for at-home science experiments that we could do together. We decided to do the “bouncing egg” experiment where a raw egg (still in the shell) is soaked in vinegar for 24 hours. The shell is dissolved, leaving just the membrane around the egg. In this state, you can still pick up the egg and handle it (even squeeze and bounce it) even though it’s still technically raw. Joseph had a great time doing the experiment.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She’s been letting me know that she’s getting pretty close to two this past week, haha. Opinions are stronger, displeasure is voiced louder, and we’ve even had several “floppy baby” moments. Luckily, this has all been mixed in with her sweet hugs, blown kisses, cute little “thank yous” and other phrases, and overall loving personality. One day, Abigail pointed to one of the elephants on my shirt and said, “Was’dat?” I told her it was an elephant. She smiled, took a deep breath, and then did her best elephant sound (kind of like a “raspberry” but without sticking out her tongue). She can also mimic some other animal sounds and I catch her quite often trying to say a word that I just said. Oh, and she’s gotten quite good at coming up to us if we’re sitting somewhere and asking, “Sit?”, meaning she wants to come up and sit with us.

This Week in Pictures:

Walkin’ with Daddy.
I decided to put out my fall decorations this week. I added some fall leaves to my vase…
…put my fall door decoration on the door…
…hung up my favorite fall sign…
…and decked out the piano. Once it hits October, I’ll add all the spooky stuff.
Baby overalls!
Lovin’ on her Buc-ee (he’s the mascot for what’s probably the best gas station I’ve ever been to…honestly, y’all…Google “Buc-ee’s” to see what it’s all about).
Let’s play “Spot the Baby!” She seemed to think it was hilarious for me to drop stuffed animals and blankets on top of her. I happily obliged because, well, baby belly laughs.
This boy loves LEGOS!
In between all the rain this past week I did get to see a pretty awesome rainbow (and didn’t realize it until after I took the picture, but you can see a hint of a double rainbow if you look closely a bit to the left of the actual rainbow).
I pulled out Joseph’s old monkey hat for Abigail. She got super excited and put it on right away.
Setting up the egg experiment.
We tried for a smaller container at first, but we realized we wouldn’t be able to put in enough vinegar without it being right to the top.
We moved it to a larger glass to be safe. I knew the egg would expand in size, so having room for it to do that was good.
After 24 hours, the shell was all gone, leaving the membrane.

Bonus Video: The bouncing egg!

This is one Paul got. I don’t know what it is about it, but it melts my heart a bit to see her snuggled up looking at a book like this!
A sneak preview for the end of next month (I really just wanted to make sure it would fit). 🙂
Joseph is going to be Ash and Abigail will be Pikachu. It’s going to be great!
Joseph’s set-up out in Paul’s office. A friend of ours was moving and was getting rid of this little fold-out desk (it screws to the wall and the legs come down when it gets pulled out) and chair, so Paul said we’d take them. I think Joseph’s pretty pleased with the set-up.

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