Howdy, Fall!

Weekly Happenings: Today’s the first day of fall! I love this time of year! Other than that, it was another average week for the books. We did take advantage of today’s cooler temps and went to the zoo today, which was a fun family outing.

The Weekly Weather: We have had so much rain this past week (all of September, really). A few days ago the news reports were saying that San Antonio has gotten fifteen inches in just September. That number is sure to go up, though, since we just had a huge storm come through last night. It’s been a bit cooler (mid-80s) but today has been really pleasant (low- to mid-70s).

What Paul’s Been Up To: He’s been busy with work and trying to squeeze in yard work between storms (we don’t want the grass to get too high because, well…critters like tall grass). He also has done some stuff for his calling at church (secretary in the young men’s presidency). We also celebrated his birthday this past Monday. 🙂

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I’ve been mostly trying to keep the kids from going stir crazy, haha. I did get to go to my monthly book club meeting which was super fun.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He’s been having a good time in first grade. He loves doing what they call “specials”, which are P.E., art, music, and computer lab. I love that he’s getting exposed to those things each week. 🙂

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She’s displayed just how smart she’s getting. One day, I ran upstairs to grab something, leaving her downstairs. About a minute later, I thought I heard her on the stairs. I ran out of my room in time to see her get to the top of the stairs, so I quickly let her into the loft. At first I thought I just hadn’t gotten the downstairs gate latched (even though I swore I had). I texted Paul about it and he suggested I put a D clip/caribiner clip on there just in case. I still wasn’t sure if it was a fluke, so as a test, I left the clip off at a point where I could watch her. Joseph went upstairs, latching the gate behind him. She was there in half a minute and I watched her use both thumbs to pop the latch up. Yup. That D clip went right back on, much to her consternation (and another one went on the upstairs gate).

This Week in Pictures:

She kept bringing me clothing items to put on.
One of my sister-in-laws sent us some Minnie Mouses that she procured at a yard sale. It’s safe to say that Abigail was pretty happy.
I love watching these two play together.
This is the “lock” to keep Abigail from getting onto the stairs.
They were snugglin’ up, watching a show.
She was so excited for me to put these goggles on her.
Pre-bedtime antics: showing off their slippers (Joseph’s are from last winter and Abigail’s once belonged to Joseph)…
…having a dance party…
…and even a little dress-up time.
Slightly cooler weather (not to mention all the rain) made me want some comfort food. Last night I made corn and cheese chowder with skillet cornbread on the side.
The boys walking along at the zoo. Last night’s storm probably discouraged the normal crowds that would have been there on a Saturday.
Checking out fish and some turtles.
She was more interested in trying to escape than she was in having her picture taken, haha. At least she smiled!
Real life trying to get kids to pose for pictures, people…thank goodness for digital photos!
Chillin’ with the lions.
The kids both liked how close they were to the glass.
On our way back to the car, we noticed that the San Antonio river was higher than we ever remember seeing it.
Normally that area between the two bridges is a walkway between them, but today water was running freely over it.
The water coming out from under the bridges was pretty impressive, too.

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