quick Update

I thought I’d test out my mad skills of lounging back on the couch, Joseph propped up against my shoulder, and my computer balanced on my lap. I can actually type like this, lol. I wanted to get out a quick update on the happenings here. We are settling into some sort of a semblence of a routine. Joseph is growing each and every day. It is so hard to believe that the baby I carried inside of me for nine months is now just over 3 weeks old. One month old is just around the corner! The more I look at him, the more I see his daddy in him. He’s got a few of my features, sure…but I think he is going to be his daddy’s boy, which I am ecstatic about, because his daddy is a very handsome man! I have adjusted to a somewhat fractured sleep pattern at night, as well as napping during the day when he does (unless I’m doing other stuff…laundry and dishes cannot be ignored for long…especially when I go to get out an outfit for him (usually at night) and realize that we’re down to one footie outfit (a must at night…easier for me to deal with only one article of clothing for diaper changes)…a load of his stuff goes in the next morning for sure. I had no idea that such a little person could go through so many clothes at a time! I suppose some of it can be attributed to the fact that I may not get his diaper on quite right at 2 in the morning, but I think that I’m slowly getting better at that as well…I’m amazed at how quickly the day goes by when it revolves around: change, feed, (sometimes change again), rock to sleep, feed Mommy, sleep, repeat (with an occasional shower or errand thrown into the mix). We’ve already had quite a few outings as well…the commissary, Target, and the bank. Not to mention church. I went back the first Sunday after he was home. I just felt the need to be there. Plus, I know how easy it is to slip into the, “I’ll stay home just today” cycle that quickly becomes a habit. Luckily for me, Joseph seems to handle church quite well, as long as it doesn’t interfere with his feedings, lol. Let’s just say I am glad that there is a mothers’ room 🙂 I have found, though, that while it is good to get out of the house and do stuff (and a couple of times my parents came and sat with Joseph so that I could get some errands done…SO grateful for their support as well), I really prefer being at home. It really can be a Heaven on Earth.


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