New Year, New Post

So it’s a new year…and I realize that I haven’t posted anything since Joseph was a few weeks old…now he’s almost 5 months old…it seems like time is just flying by! We stayed home to ring in the new year…I know, what party animals we are! I was woken up at midnight by firecrackers as well as gunshots going off…luckily, Joseph slept through the whole thing. That’s one thing I have been ultra blessed with. That boy SLEEPS. He only wakes up once or twice in the night to be fed, and then he’s (for the most part) back to sleep. He also takes several naps during the day, making it easier for me to get things done. What a blessing! We have spent the rest of January just plugging through our routine. It’s gotten a bit easier, finding out that Joseph is lactose intolerant. A switch in types of formula (I’ve had to use formula for a while now…the little piglet was wanting WAY more than I could produce) and we’ve got a much happier baby…and a much happier mommy, who isn’t having to do 2-3 loads of laundry a day, or wincing every time a dirty diaper is expected (WILL it all be in the diaper?!). So, life is pretty good…nothing much else to report…and I hear cooing as well as raspberry-blowing (his latest discovery) coming from the other room…guess my break’s over, lol


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