Post Vacation Relaxation

Weekly Happenings: This past week was rather laid back. Often times, when we get back from vacation, I feel like I need a vacation from the hustle and bustle that was the actual vacation. I usually accomplish this by not planning much for us to do during the week after we get back. It allows me to get back into the routine and just relax. Paul obviously still needed to go to work, but he’s still on break from school, so he’s getting a pseudo-vacation of sorts in that he doesn’t have to start working on homework almost immediately after he gets home from work. Joseph has been really enjoying the extra “Daddy-Joseph time” as he calls it.

The Weekly Weather: It’s been HOT (as in, over 100 degrees almost every day) but not QUITE as humid (still more than I’d like, though, haha). Yesterday brought a return of higher humidity along with some rain and slightly cooler temperatures (mid-80s to low-90s).

What Paul’s Been Up To: He’s back to work after vacation. He volunteered to go in for some overtime yesterday (which will be a huge help financially with us having had to essentially get all new tires for the Mazda while on vacation). He’s also been spending a lot of time with Joseph, which Joseph absolutely loves. I love to see them together!

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Getting back into the swing of things, mainly. I attended a baby shower for a friend (there are quite a few women in our ward that are pregnant) and got some much-needed girl-time. I’ve also had to start dealing with the occasional bout of Braxton-Hicks. Thankfully they haven’t brought pain; only pressure. I don’t remember getting them this early with Joseph, but then again, I may not have realized what they were at the time (I think I remember my doctor asking if I was having them and I wasn’t sure until he described them). I was also able to cook food (namely chicken) without feeling nauseous! Though it sounds rather trivial, it’s a huge thing in my book!

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He’s getting ready (and excited) for pre-k. He’s also been soaking up the last bits of summer fun: play-dates and even a trip to the pool with friends. Funny story: when we first got to the pool, none of his friends were there yet, so he struck up a conversation with an older woman there (I’m still amazed he has no trepidation talking to adults). Afterwards, she came up to me (I hadn’t made it into the pool yet) and related the following: he asked her if she was going to have a baby (babies are on his brain right now, I guess, since I’m pregnant and a lot of his friends’ moms are, too). When she (rather patiently) answered in the negative, he told her that he could buy one off of the TV. Oh, boy…I think he might have still had the anecdote my mom shared last week (about one of us thinking that baby sales at stores was where babies came from) still on his brain and merged that idea with the fact that he’s seen that you can buy stuff off of the TV (thank you, toy infomercials on kids’ channels). Thankfully, she was rather amused by it all! Joseph has also discovered that he likes Swiss cheese (after tasting some I was having as a snack). I think our kid has rather refined taste buds. 😉

This Week in Pictures:

Joseph asked me how to spell “keep out” because he was making a sign for his door. After telling him which letters to use, I asked him why he needed the sign. He said it was because he made a mess in his room and didn’t want me to see. 😂 After he made the sign, I helped him clean up his room (it wasn’t all that bad, actually).
It’s good to know that I’m sufficiently protected (even though his pose has his gun pointed right at me, haha).

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