Evening the Score and a Bit of Early Celebrating

Weekly Happenings: The big thing that happened this past week was that we were able to find out the gender of the little peanut that’s beginning to nudge me quite a bit. I should have trusted Joseph’s word because he was right…it’s going to be a GIRL! When I told Joseph, he was very excited and asked if they could see her ponytail in the pictures (ultrasound). 😀 I guess that’s how telling the difference in gender (for ultrasounds, at least) works in his mind. I love him! Paul told him (using simple terms) how they could really tell the difference. We’re planning on naming her Abigail (a family name on my side). On Wednesday, we went to Meet the Teacher at Joseph’s school so that we could check out the school and meet Joseph’s pre-k teacher. I think he’s going to be in good hands. 🙂 He starts tomorrow, and is really excited. On Thursday, I took Joseph over to a friend’s house for a water balloon fight. I didn’t think to tell him that the purpose of throwing water balloons was to break them to release the water. Apparently Joseph doesn’t like it when water balloons break (especially when one breaks unexpectedly in his hands and soaks his clothes). It makes him cry. Whoops. I felt really bad (especially since last summer, we played with water balloons and he was totally fine)! We talked about it and my friend came up with the idea of drawing chalk targets for the boys to throw the balloons at. The tide turned after that. Tears turned into almost primal screams of victory when a target was hit. Joseph said, “Hey, Mom! I conquered my fear of breaking water balloons!” I was very proud. 🙂 Yesterday, Paul and I opened up our anniversary presents (both had come in the mail early) even though our anniversary isn’t until Wednesday. Why did we do this? Because there was a little boy who was bursting with excitement for us and wanted to see what we got. 🙂 I got Paul a new leaf blower and he got me a Dutch oven. 🙂

The Weekly Weather: WET! I think we’ve only had two days where there weren’t any storms in the past week (and even then, I think it may have rained during the night on those days). This next week is supposed to be similar. I keep checking to see if I’ve got webbing developing between my toes, but not yet! 😉 We ended up with Joseph in our bed early this morning because of thunder.

What Paul’s Been Up To: Not too much out of the ordinary. He’s starting to formulate a plan to add a shed to our backyard that he can convert into a man cave/office so that we’ll have a room for Abigail and he’ll still have a separate place to work on homework and other stuff without the craziness of kids. 🙂

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Other than what has already been mentioned, not much else. I went to a book club meeting and a girls’ night (a few of my friends are moving soon, so it was kind of a final send-off bash). I also put up fall decorations. I know it’s early, but I was itching to do it. Plus, I am already fighting fall allergies, so I might as well make our house look like fall has already arrived. 😉

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He’s really had to make use of his imagination because of the weather. He’s really good at playing independently. He’s been dressing up, playing with LEGOS, action figures, and more. He’s also really willing to help around the house, doing little chores here and there…I hope that desire sticks into his teenage years! 🙂 He’s really looking forward to starting school tomorrow.

This Week in Pictures:

Paul brought doughnuts (and, since it’s San Antonio, breakfast tacos) into work to announce our little girl’s upcoming arrival.
Water balloon fun.
Check out that bulls-eye!
Followed up by a primal victory yell.
His friend demonstrating HIS victory yell.
My fall door decor.
Adding a little fall color to the dining room table.
Still one of my favorite decorations.
I think the piano is still my favorite of favorites, though.
When the fall decorations come out, the witch hats need to come out too (even if the rest of the Halloween stuff doesn’t).
Pretending to be a mage, casting magic spells with his pinwheel wand.
Joseph wanted to decorate the wrapping paper that Paul wrapped my anniversary present in, so he drew a picture of our family, including baby Abigail, still in my tummy. I’m seriously tempted to frame it.
My new Dutch oven.
Paul “testing out” his leaf blower on Joseph’s pinwheel.
Someone still loves cardboard boxes. “If I fits, I sits!”

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