One Week Down (and 18 years)

Weekly Happenings: Monday was out 18th wedding anniversary. 🙂 It kind of got swallowed up in also being the first day of school for Joseph, but we did take time to have a special meal. Paul grilled steaks and I made sauteed mushrooms to go on top as well as some corn on the cob. I also made a strawberry pie with fresh whipped cream for dessert. Oh and we exchanged gifts as well. We’ve got one week of virtual schooling under our belt, too. It actually went really well. There was a small hiccup right at the beginning (the servers for the district were a little bogged down by all the increased usage and there were other issues with some of the programs as well. We were able to bypass all the issues simply because Joseph was still logged into everything from when we tested things over the weekend…so we were able to get onto everything just fine. I guess it pays to not wait until the last minute to try and see if everything works! School did encompass most of our week, though, since it was just like a normal school day, time-wise. I did take the kids to the park earlier today, though, just for a change of pace.

The Weekly Weather: I don’t think it rained at all this past week…we were warm and dry (and humid). I must admit I’m ready for fall and cooler temperatures!

What Paul’s Been Up To: He’s helped to make sure this first week of digital learning went well (thank goodness this happened to be his work-from-home week). He also painted Joseph’s old bed frame and got it set up in Abigail’s room. She was so excited!

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I met up with my book club, which was fun as always. Other than that, I was mainly helping Joseph with school and helping Abigail try to understand that while yes, he was home, he couldn’t play with her.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He did great with school this week. His teacher is very organized and helpful, which has been great!

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She’s been getting used to not having her brother at her beck-and-call. She has also started saying, “Yippie-skippie!” (something that a character in Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood says) when she’s happy or excited about something. She loves the improvement to her bed (her mattress had been on the floor before).

This Week in Pictures:

His teacher had printed up these cute signs for everyone to use for the first day.
Flowers, a cute card, some yummy chocolate, and some pretty earrings. I got Paul a new yard-work hat and something he can use to clean his AR-15.
A close up of my earrings. Paul looked up what the traditional gift for eighteen years was and found that it was porcelain…so he got me porcelain earrings. 🙂
Always keeping me on my toes, this one…
We had put the gate up in front of Joseph’s door so that it would be easy to poke our heads in every once in a while to check on him (without Abigail barreling in). Abigail insisted on having a gate in front of her room, too. This was the quietest part of the week. 😉
Giving virtual learning a thumbs-up.
Completing a writing assignment.
I don’t know where she was going…
…but wherever it was, she was prepared for anything.
Snuggled up after a long day.
Abigail’s new set-up. I love that Paul thought to take one of the old baby gates and use it as a headboard. It was already the perfect width, so he didn’t need to alter it at all.
Because the kitchen is as good a place as any to play pirates.
This is a fun bridge. The swinging platforms are chained to the ground and you have to step from platform to platform as they sway back and forth.
Talking to each other through the pipes.
He took her back into the trees to show her the spot he and his friends like to hang out. I thought they were pretty cute walking back there.

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