Officially Official

Well, things in the workforce for me have escalated. My one-year certification application was processed faster than I was anticipating, so I was able to actually meet with HR at the end of this last week and I signed my contract. I’m officially a fifth grade teacher! I still need to take three tests in order to get a standard certificate (because the one-year one is exactly that…it’s only good for one year), but I’m already registered for those and have testing dates secured. As soon as I take those tests, I can apply for the standard certification. The fact that things are falling into place so easily lead me to believe that this is the exact path I was meant to take at this time. As for the rest of the family, everyone is doing well. The kids are adjusting to this new normal and Paul has been an amazing partner. Recently, he built a cabinet for our powder bath to give us more storage. We looked at prefabricated cabinets, but couldn’t find one that would fit just right, so Paul came up with the design, bought materials, and built one. He did have to modify his plans a bit as he ran into different challenges (doesn’t every project go that way?), but he adjusted his plan and the product is awesome!

The start of the cabinet.
Adding the sides.
Capping the top.
The finished product. I love that he made the doors and trimmed them out to look like actual doors.
Now we have a spot to store extra paper goods!
Abigail got to borrow her teacher’s Curious George for the weekend.
To say they had a blast is an understatement, haha.
Dressed up as Princess Anna with her two guards. 🙂
It felt pretty good to get this on Friday!
When I got the news that I got the job (seriously easiest job hire, ever…I didn’t even officially interview), I splurged and got myself a new pair of earrings.
I also got this bracelet. I love its iridescence!

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