This past week has been a bit of a bruiser. It started out on Sunday with Joseph coming down with a fever, which progressed into a full-blown virus. He was runny-nosed, coughing, and refusing to eat anything. It took five days before his fever went away. The doctor ruled out flu and ear infection, but couldn’t rule out strep because he refused to open his mouth for her to look into his throat (I can’t say that I blame him, the flu test was a swab up the nose…no way was he going to let them swab his throat after that). Since his fever went away, I think we can safely say that he didn’t have strep. He’s still being somewhat of a finicky eater, though. He has only wanted milk and goldfish crackers. We think his stomach just got used to not having food in it and now he doesn’t want to eat much. Either that or he’s remember the couple of times this week where he was eating and got sick (throwing up) and doesn’t want to eat for that reason. We’re hoping that if we continue to give him snacks and slowly try to introduce regular foods back in when he wants them that we’ll get his eating back to normal. On Saturday, we wanted to get out of the house, and since Joseph was feeling a lot better, we decided to take him to the zoo. We also decided to get passes this time around. It was something that we’ve discussed (versus renewing our Sea World passes) and we decided that since both our passes (Joseph’s still free until he turns 3, and then we can just add him on for $15) combined were less than one Sea World pass, that zoo passes were the way to go.We think it will be a better fit for Joseph, since he’s not really into the shows at Sea World…he’d much rather look at the animals…so if he just wants to look at animals, then let’s pay less for it!

Cute/Funny Stories for the Week:

While at the doctor’s, one nurse was working on taking Joseph’s vitals and listening to him breathe. She was new and wanted to make sure she did things correctly, so she called in another nurse to check his breathing. He was sitting there, rather patiently for a two-year-old, but when the second nurse started doing exactly what the first had already done, he looked a little annoyed and said (rather impatiently, but kind of forlornly, since he was sick), “Oh, come on, guys!” Hahaha…NO idea where he’s heard THAT before. 😉

One night, I went into Joseph’s room to make sure he was still covered up (he tends to kick his blankets off) and found him all curled up, snuggling his Snoopy that we got him at Knott’s Berry Farm during our last visit to CA. There are some times that I have to really resist the urge to pick him up and hold him close to me!

Joseph has become sort of obsessed with Charlie Brown. Tonight he was dragging a blanket around and he said it was like in Charlie Brown (I suppose he was channeling Linus a bit). 🙂

This Week in Pictures (there are not many, because most of the week, Joseph was sick and not in the mood to be photographed. These are all from the zoo trip we took yesterday. Thanks, Paul!):

Joseph’s favorite stop: the monkeys
They are seriously his favorite.
He would watch them the entire time if we let him. This particular one was being a bit rambunctious. He succeeded in completely knocking over that large metal tub, all by himself.
I can’t remember what we were looking at in this picture, but it was high up, so I’m guessing a bird…maybe the condors and vultures…
I think the look on Joseph’s face is hilarious…
He was more interested in keeping the sun out of his face than in taking a picture, I think…he did really like that the lions were out, though.
Checking out fish (and a hippo bum).
I was glad we found fish. One of Joseph’s favorite places at Sea World was the aquariums, and I was afraid that he would miss them a lot…but now that we know that the zoo has aquariums, it’s a win-win (discovering they had hippos was also fun…and purely accidental).


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