Back to Everyday Life

We spent the week getting back to our everyday life: grocery shopping, playing, music playtime, relaxing. 🙂 I must say that there is a low feeling immediately following a vacation. Joseph would ask every once in a while when we would get in the car (especially if it was a trip after dark) if we were going to see his cousins. The first time, I had to hold tears back as I told him no. We all had SUCH a good time on vacation. We’re really looking forward to the next time we can do it.

Cute/Funny Stories for the Week:

One night, we were in Joseph’s room as he was choosing a book for me to read to him at bedtime. He spotted Paul’s little copy of the Book of Mormon (the one he would take with him during his various Army training since it was so compact)…from the side (so no words were showing)…and asked for, and I quote, “Book of Mormon stories, teacher tells me?” Paul and I were kind of blown away. So we read from the Book of Mormon for a bit (Paul went and got our big family one that has a lot of pictures and stuff) before reading another bedtime story. I also sang him the Primary song (along with the various hand motions) and he seemed pretty impressed that I knew it, hahaha. After he was in bed, I got onto Facebook and messaged my friend who does the music in nursery and gave her a huge thank you, since I know that’s where he had to have picked up the song. 🙂 He also randomly started singing Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree later during the week. I love that nursery is sinking in. 🙂

We recently moved Joseph’s booster chair off of the dining room chair that it was on and onto a folding chair, because the dining room chair made him sit too high (we couldn’t get his legs under the table) which was making it uncomfortable for him, as well as making each meal time way messier than needed since we weren’t able to get him closer to the table. One afternoon/early evening, I was relaxing on the couch but could hear Joseph puttering around in the dining room. I heard him moving the folding chair, and then…silence. Anyone with a toddler knows that silence is anything BUT golden. I looked over the couch and discovered that not only had he climbed up into his booster chair (apparently the folding chair is low enough for him to get a foot-hold), but he had put on his bib as well. He then asked me for dinner. When I told him dinner wasn’t ready yet, he got pretty sad, so I caved and gave him a snack (after strapping him into his seat, of course).

Joseph loves his Avengers t-shirt…A LOT. He can tell you who each of them are. One morning, I was asking him who The Hulk was. He told me who he was, and then promptly told me that The Hulk needed a bath! I suppose anyone who is that green probably does. 🙂

One early morning this week (I’m talking 3 A.M.), Joseph woke up crying. I went in, comforted him, and put him back in his crib. It was quiet until about 3:45, he started crying again. I started worrying: Was he sick? Did he have a bad dream? This time, I got him to tell me what was wrong. He very sadly said, “Catapillah still hungwy!!” I should probably mention that The Very Hungry Caterpillar (Eric Carle) has been one of his favorite books this week. Apparently he wanted me to read him the story. At 3:45 in the morning. Yeah…I put him back into bed, promising to read it first thing in the REAL morning. When he woke up several hours later, the first thing he asked for was the book, so I made sure to keep my promise. 🙂

He was really into music playtime this week. He stayed engaged for almost the entire thing, and actually did some of the hand movements for some of the songs! When we left, he was pretty sad. I told him we would come the next week, and that appeased him a bit, though it didn’t stop him a couple of times from saying, rather forlornly, “Story time friends? Next week?”. He did the same thing with nursery today, when I told him we would go back to nursery next week: “Nursery, church next week?”

Our Adventuresome Day: Tuesday started out normal. We were driving to the commissary when a rather sizable rock hit the windshield and left two big chips in it. I can promise you that I have had more chips in our windshield in the year and half that we’ve lived in Texas than in my entire driving experience in California (so roughly 12 years). Luckily, all the chips up to this point were superficial and did not need repaired. These two, however, were not. We got home from the commissary and I called the insurance company. Luckily, they were able to get the windshield repair place to squeeze us in that day (and luckily we have comprehensive coverage, so it didn’t cost us anything out-of-pocket). This meant for a rather busy day. Since our appointment was for 3, and it was, at that point, already past noon, I decided to fill up the time in between instead of having Joseph try to get in a nap (with my luck he would have not fallen asleep right away and then would have been cranky because I would have had to wake him up in order to make the appointment). So we went to Walmart and got the oil changed (since I needed to anyway) and had lunch at Subway (Joseph is a big fan, by the way. It was his first time there. He ate his entire sandwich, and half of my chips), went to the library to get some books (I’m in charge of the story portion of music playtime this month), and then headed out to the windshield repair shop. They were able to fix the chips in less than 30 minutes, and you can barely see where they were. I was quite happy. We then headed home just in time for me to get dinner started (since I was making pizza, I had to get the dough started). Joseph was a super-trooper the entire time and didn’t complain at all (until the evening, so we just put him to bed early, which he didn’t seem to mind. 🙂

This Week in Pictures:

Devouring his cheeseburger macaroni. I think he had three platefuls in one sitting. We’re all loving the fact that he can have cheese now.
I forgot to mention that it got pretty cold the first half of the week…our lows were well below freezing. I forgot to turn off the sprinklers and they came on overnight…the water froze on the grass.
It looked pretty cool…
I made cookies yesterday. Joseph is not a huge sweets fan, but for some reason, he sure was in the mood for one.
He wanted to play video games with Daddy. We didn’t tell him that his controller wasn’t doing anything. 😉
We had some spare change hanging around, so Paul decided to let Joseph put it in his bank (a bear that we got way back as a baby shower gift from one of our coworkers in CA).
We decided that when the bank is full, he can spend the money inside on a new toy (though he keeps wanting to empty it out and put the money back in, hahaha).
He insisted on Cheerios with milk this morning. He ate two bowls full.
Followed up by half a banana.


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