Nineteen Years, One Week, and a Couple of Outside Friends

This week was a momentous one. Not only was it the first week of school (and Abigail’s first time at school), it also contained our nineteenth wedding anniversary! It seems almost surreal when I realize we’ve been married practically twenty years. We celebrated by having a lunch date while the kids were at school. That was super nice! The kids had a great first week at school. Joseph likes that his classroom has a Harry Potter theme. Abigail loves getting to play with all her new friends, but she says that sometimes she’s a “liiiiiittle crazy and wiggly” (a direct quote) and that she sometimes forgets to share the toys. It’s all a learning process, so I’m sure those two things are going to get better with time. Oh, one funny interaction between me and Abigail that happened this week:

Me: Abigail, what do you want for bedtime snack?

Abigail: No, he’s Pikachu!

M: Pikachu, what do you want for snack?

A: He doesn’t talk.

M: Abigail, what does Pikachu want for snack?

(a bit of back and forth banter as she plays both herself, asking Pikachu what he wants for snack as well as pretending to be Pikachu and making little noises)

A: He wants pretzels!

M: Well, alrighty then.

This kid cracks me up!

I was happy to finally find a longer dress for her. She’s rather tall for her age, so the shorter dress trend that seems to be happening for little girls means that the dresses are super-short on her. She was happy because the dress has horses on it and she was allowed to wear her boots to church. 🙂
She squealed joyfully when she saw that I decided to wear my boots as well. Living in Texas definitely has its perks, haha.
First day of school! Abigail has afternoon pre-k, so she doesn’t go as early as Joseph (who is in fourth grade this year), but she still wanted a picture with him. 🙂
All things video game-related for this kid this year: Minecraft shirt and Legend of Zelda backpack and lunchbox.
She has all her favorites, too: Paw Patrol shoes, Frozen II backpack and lunchbox…
…and a Stitch (he’s the crazy alien from Lilo&Stitch) shirt. I had to get a picture of her in front of the school, since it was her very first day. I dropped Joseph off using the parent drop off, so no picture of him in front of the school.
Our first outside friend: I love finding praying mantises!
I started to head outside to bring our flag in and found another outside friend…
…a little toad!
She asked to snuggle after school (I think this was…Thursday?)…I think school makes her tired. She’s been sleeping really well all week.
Paul got me a fitbit (fitness tracker) for an anniversary present. The funny thing is that I didn’t realize he was getting me one and I got him one, too. 😀 I like that it tracks my steps, heart rate, calories burned, etc..

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