Mother Nature Finally Figured It Out

This past week, Mother Nature finally figured out that it’s January. She did go a bit overboard, though. Monday was a holiday, thank goodness. We stayed home all day (except when I decided I really wanted tacos and fideo, so I braved the below-freezing temps to go get it) and just hung out. Tuesday was just as cold. When I got to work, it was 18 degrees outside. It warmed up to just above freezing by dismissal. The days after that slowly got better, but we’re back down into the 30s and 40s now with nighttime temps below that. Humid cold is NOT my favorite. It just feels…colder. I’m looking forward to the end of next week when our highs are going to be back in the 60s and 70s, ha.

This was the temperature it was when I decided I really needed tacos and fideo.
This is fideo. It’s short noodles in a broth that has tomatoes, onions, and spices. It’s just a little spicy, which hits the spot on a cold day.
This was what greeted me on Tuesday morning. Luckily these icicles are not indicative of a frozen unit, just that there was condensation dripping off the unit (like it normally does) that froze. Luckily, the heater was working just fine.
This was right under those icicles. It was either frozen solid or just about. The kids were able to knock on it and even stomp on it. It finally broke when a student from the other class jumped on it in the afternoon. He was none too thrilled when his socks got wet and icy.
There were even icicles coming out of the water spouts from the gutters.
Every time we needed to go somewhere (lunch, Discovery, etc.), it meant needing to bundle up. Thank goodness for warm clothes!
I love this girl’s sense of style. She said these two articles of clothing matched because they both had pink. 🙂
She then decided to wear this Hello Kitty shirt with her flower pants instead. Not sure why she decided not to smile…she’s hit or miss with smiling in pictures.
More proof that they normally get along. They were playing a game where he was on his computer and she was on her tablet, playing the same game.

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