An Evening Visitor

This week was pretty busy for all of us. The kids had school and church activities, I had work (progress reports are coming up, so I was making sure all my grades were in on top of all the other things I needed to do), and so did Paul (work always keeps him pretty busy). I went to pull up the pictures I took during the week only to realize I…didn’t take any. Paul did get a nice picture of the hawk that was just chilling on our backyard fence, though.

We were finishing up dinner and I glanced out the sliding glass door and saw this guy (or girl). Paul had the challenge of trying to get a picture without startling it, so that meant leaving the door closed and dealing with the reflections of things in the glass (the dark square is the reflection of a piece of art we have on our wall and the dark splotch at the bottom is a faux plant arrangement I have sitting on a corner table). I think he got a great picture, all things considered. He was able to get most of the hawk’s body unobstructed.

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