Leap Into…March

Weekly Happenings: I really felt as if the title of this post needed to have the word “leap” in it, since today is February 29th. We only get a 29th day in February every four years, so today is fun in that aspect. It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is going to be the first day of March. Joseph has his spring break the week after next and then before I know it, we’ll be looking summer in the face. As for what has gone on this past week, nothing too out of the ordinary. Joseph and I had dental check-ups and Abigail got her first legitimate haircut (other than just getting her bangs trimmed). We’re such party animals, haha.

Weekly Weather: We’ve had some pretty cold days. It’s as if Mother Nature felt she needed to get in one last hurrah before spring. 😉 It’s slowly getting warmer, though, for which I have to say I don’t mind. I dislike humid cold way more than I dislike humid hot.

What Paul’s Been Up To: He’s been busy at work and then today he’s been getting to the little things around the house that he had to put off when he injured his finger. I’m so grateful for him and all he does.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Other than what I’ve already mentioned, one fun thing I did was go to see the newest Emma movie with a group of my friends. It was nice to get to go out with friends and see a movie that I knew I would enjoy immensely and that Paul would…not have, ha.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: Pretty much just school and the like for him. He’s getting excited for spring break coming up. 🙂

What Abigail’s Been Up To: As I mentioned before, she got her first “real” haircut. The back part of her hair was so much longer than the sides, that I felt like it was really time to have it evened out. They took off a few inches in the back and it’s so much neater now. Oh, one funny story: we were playing hide-and-seek and I was pretending I couldn’t find her, so I was “looking” out loud (“Oh! Is Abigail hiding under the pillow? How about under the couch?”). After each question, I would hear this giggle and then hear her say “Noooooo!” in this really animated tone. It was awesome.

This Week in Pictures:

I can’t remember if I posted a picture of this fun basket I found to keep blankets in downstairs. I needed something that was soft so that it wouldn’t scratch our floors and would also (as Paul pointed out) withstand any abuse Abigail might attempt to subject it to.
I got the blanket basket several weeks ago, but this past week, I wanted to find storage for Abigail’s books that she still has downstairs. I needed soft baskets for the same reason that I needed the blanket basket to be soft. It didn’t even occur to me until I was already at Target (where I had purchased the blanket basket) that I might be able to find matching baskets in smaller sizes. I was so happy!
When Abigail saw me with my phone out, she wanted to have her picture taken. 😀
Last picture before her haircut.
They took it up to her shoulders.
They also trimmed her bangs since they were starting to get in her eyes.
This is the main reason I wanted to get the baskets. Before, the books were simply sitting in the shelf and she would just pull them out and scatter them. Now she pulls out the baskets and can just pull out the ones she wants. She hasn’t scattered them (yet), but if she does, it’ll be easier for me to put them back in basket.
Saturday morning snuggles!
Showing off one of his LEGO creations.
I told him I needed a picture with him smiling after he pulled that last face, haha.
He wanted me to take a picture of him with his other LEGO kits and creations. I love that he still loves those bricks!
I went ahead and got out my decorations for March. 😁
This is probably one of my favorites.
A handful of cute decorations for the piano…
…and a new quote for the board, of course.
Sometimes she picks interesting places to have her before-bath-and-bed snack. This is definitely one of those times. I guess it isn’t an issue if nobody else needs to be in the kitchen. 🤷‍♀️

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