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Weekly Happenings: This past week was the type where one day just followed another with us just going along for the ride. On Monday, I met with my gestational diabetes doctor and a nutritionist. They did another ultrasound of baby girl, who is weighing in at just over three pounds. The doctor said that as long as she continues to grow at a steady rate, she’ll probably be around the same weight as Joseph was at birth (so between seven and eight pounds). Everything else looks good as well. The nutritionist gave me a basic meal plan and taught me how to test my blood sugar (which I have to do first thing in the morning and then two hours after each meal). I’m sure grateful for my watch that lets me set a timer so that I don’t have to rely on my brain to remember! I’ve been learning what types of food work better at certain times of day (it really is an experiment). Only roughly nine more weeks to go! Wednesday, an electrician came, ran electricity, and installed outlets and a breaker box in the shed/office/man cave. He finished up on Thursday, which was also the day that our sprinkler guy came out to move one of our sprinklers a bit so that it waters the grass and not the shed. Wednesday night I hosted book club at our house. We read Dracula (perfect for this time of year) and had a good discussion (not to mention a great time hanging out). Friday, we went out to eat (I’m good as long as I eat a lot of protein, a little bit of starches, and a lot of veggies…avoiding too much fat or sugar) and then walked around La Cantera (an outdoor mall) because it’s good for my blood sugar to do some brief exercise after each meal. Yesterday, Paul worked really hard on his shed/office project. He cut a hole in the side of the shed so that he could install a window AC, using 2X4s to secure it in place, added more sand and gravel around the shed to help with drainage, used concrete blocks to make some steps (he also put a chunk of 2X4 under the doorway to strengthen it a bit), and probably some other stuff that I missed. Now all that’s left is to run internet to it, insulate it, and cover the insulation with sheets of plywood (all things Paul is capable of doing). Before we know it, it’s going to be done and ready for him to move stuff in!

The Weekly Weather: This past week was mostly warm, but the last couple of days have been cooler (especially in the mornings). Fall is coming!

What Paul’s Been Up To: Work, school, Scouts, and his building project in the backyard. Even with all that on his plate, he’s done a great job of being an attentive husband and daddy. I sure married a great guy!

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Mainly getting used to my eating and testing schedule. I’m still teaching piano (I hope to be able to keep going until Christmas break). I’m also fitting in more doctors’ appointments as we’re getting closer to little miss’s arrival (especially with two doctors to go to now: my OB and my gestational diabetes doctor).

What Joseph’s Been Up To: School, homework, playing…the works. I’m so lucky that he’s such an easy-going kid.

This Week in Pictures:

I came in to make our bed and found a little boy who was “riding on an airplane and reading to make the trip feel shorter”. Where do I sign up for a flight with that much leg room?!
Joseph misplaced his mini Pikachu, so he insisted on creating this “Lost and Found” poster. He also insisted we put the sign up in the entryway so that anyone coming over would know to keep an eye out for Pikachu. Luckily he found her the next day. He then gave me permission to take down the sign. I love how his mind works!
Paul knows how much I love Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas, and he also knows how hard it is to find merchandise with her as the subject (it’s mostly Jack stuff). When we were at La Cantera, I was watching Joseph play in the play area and Paul ducked into a store and got this. She’s totally meant for Abigail…I’m just keeping her safe in the meantime. 😉
Joseph’s school picture came in earlier this week. We love how it turned out! We opted for a CD with the image on it. This way, we can kind of pick and choose what sizes and how many we need.

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