It’s Hot, Hot, HOT!

Weekly Happenings: This past week didn’t contain too much out of the ordinary. I think we’re in summer survival mode, haha. We pretty much just puttered along. Yesterday, we all happened to be up rather early, so we scooted over to the zoo. Going early payed off. We were able to get there before it got too hot or too crowded.

The Weekly Weather: As the title eludes to, it’s been rather hot. I think we were close to or in the triple digits for most of the week. When it gets that hot during the day, the nights are warm, too. The other night, it was still 95 degrees at 9:30.

What Paul’s Been Up To: He finished up his semester for school. He’s also kept busy as usual with work, yard work, etc. He did go to see a movie with some friends, which I’m sure was a nice break.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Not too much out of the ordinary for me, either.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He had another fun summer vacation week full of playing with toys, playing video games, and even a dip in the pool. He is getting excited about school starting at the end of next month, though. He keeps on telling me that it’s almost August and he can’t wait for the end of August for Meet the Teacher (sort of like a Back to School Night that happens before school starts).

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She hit her 7 month mark yesterday. It’s crazy how quickly time flies! She’s been enjoying hanging out in her bouncer and walker. She also likes to lay in the portable crib and play with toys while rolling around. Oh, and both her center bottom teeth are all the way broken through. It makes for a pretty cute smile. 🙂

This Week in Pictures:

I was trying to get a picture of her teeth. She was more interested in trying to get my phone. 🙂
At the playground that’s at the nearby outdoor mall. He’s really into taking silly pictures right now.
Little Miss Seven Months Old!
I came back downstairs from taking my shower to find this. Whoops!

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