It’s Finally Fall!

It’s finally fall! We’ve survived another San Antonio summer (well, we got here in the middle of summer last year), lol. The past two days have been really nice weather. It was cool enough for long pants, but no sweaters were needed. I know to expect warm temperatures probably through part of October, but part of me hopes it’ll just stay this way for a bit (or even a bit cooler would be nice, too)! Most of the week, we had rain and thunderstorms because of a tropical storm that was coming up across from Mexico. We got quite a bit of rain, which was nice, and there were clear patches in the weather that made it possible for me to do things (like take my walks). Mostly, we just hung around the house, though.

Cute story for the week #1: I had a friend come over on Friday, since it was raining, to do a workout video with me. She brought her little girl, who is roughly a year older than Joseph. I wasn’t sure how it was going to work, but it worked out awesomely! The two kids played together while my friend and I worked out. Today, my friend mentioned that since Friday, all she was hearing from her daughter was, “My friend Joseph…” and “When can I see Joseph…”. I guess we need to schedule another play-date pretty soon. 🙂

Cute story for the week #2: Joseph was more into Music Playtime this past week than he was the week previous. He stayed in the room the whole time (instead of trying to wander all over the person’s house) and he even danced to the music with the kids. I think the more we go, the more he’ll get used to it. Oh, and the host has a genuine player-piano. She turned it on so that the kids could see how it worked. Joseph was mesmerized! He watched while it played and thought it was cool that the keys “played” themselves.

Cute story for the week #3: Today was the 2nd Sunday in a row that Joseph was able to stay in the chapel for the entire Sacrament meeting. I think the key is to bring toys/books/puzzles that he doesn’t get to see during the rest of the week. It also helps to have snacks and a drink for him. He’s recently learned how to drink from straws, so he has a straw sippy cup that we just use for church. Since that’s the only time it comes out, the novelty of it still works to entertain him. He’s also really good about folding his arms for the prayers and says “Amen!” at the end (sometimes a few seconds late, lol). Being two, he still gets a bit antsy. We always try to sit in one of the side pews so that one side is blocked by the wall, and Paul sits at the other end so that it’s blocked for Joseph as well. He does a good job of blocking Joseph’s escape, lol. There were a few times that Joseph was hanging over Paul’s knee/leg, trying to break through the “dad-wall”, and he kept saying he was stuck, lol. Yup, kid…you were stuck, but it was supposed to be that way!

This week in pictures:

He loves his new overalls. 🙂 He spent about 5 minutes trying to figure out the straps.
When he saw I was using a coaster for my drink, he decided he needed one, too.
He’s got some of our old keys on a key-ring. He was trying to fit one of the keys into the spot on Paul’s old flip-phone where the antenna used to be (I took off the antenna because Joseph figured out how to unscrew it).
Still trying to get that key to fit…
…realized Daddy was watching…
…realized Daddy was taking his picture…
He will drive his cars ANYWHERE…yet, his favorite place to drive them is the window frame. I have to put the blinds up (even if only a little) every day so that he has a place to drive them (and line them up).
We found these jammies for him, and he loves them. The cape is printed on the back, which is nice, because then he doesn’t get wound up in it or trip over it.
Playing with cars again. He was so upset that he had to take off his Batman jammies this morning, but I got him to calm down by putting his Batman shirt on him. He really likes Batman (he even tries to sing the theme-song. He’ll go, “Na-na-na-Batman!). 🙂
One of his favorite cars is this powder-blue convertible (50s-style)
Even though we tried to put him in for an early nap today, since church starts right in what would be the middle of his nap-time, he didn’t get a nap today (he wasn’t tired when we put him in to nap, probably was about to fall asleep right when it was time to get dressed and leave for church…yeah). The consequence of that is that at the end of the day, we have a tired boy who just wants to snuggle with Mommy.

And here’s a bonus video. We wanted to get a video of Joseph in his Batman jammies (well, I really wanted to try to get him to sing the song, but he didn’t feel like it, lol):


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