A Bit of an Icky Week

This week started off great. I took Joseph walking with me on Monday, Tuesday we met up at the park with friends in the morning, and then in the afternoon, disaster struck in the form of a fever for Joseph. My first indication that he might not be feeling well was that he didn’t really want to eat his breakfast that morning. I was able to convince him to eat, and then when we went to the park. While at the park, he seemed fine, so I figured it was just a fluke that he hadn’t wanted breakfast. We got home and I changed his diaper (which is when the ick began) and I noticed he was really warm. He also refused to eat his lunch. I took his temperature (99.5) and decided to see if he would sleep it off. He woke up even hotter (101.3) so I gave him some Ibuprofin. It brought the fever down for a bit, but then it went back up. Paul picked up dinner on his way home from work and we decided to see if we could get Joseph to eat some french fries (one of his favorite foods). He refused (which is when we realized something was really up), so we took his temperature again, and it was 103.5! We tried giving him a luke-warm bath to bring it down, but that didn’t do anything, so we took him in to urgent care. At urgent care, his temp read 103.9. The doctor took one look in his mouth and said that it was strep throat. Poor guy. 🙁 They gave him some Tylenol and a steroid (since his lymph nodes were really swollen) and prescribed an antibiotic as well as the same steroid to give to him for a week. Paul took a sick-day Wednesday since all of us got home pretty late on Tuesday, and I felt like I needed just a bit more help with Joseph. Joseph was a trooper taking his medicine, but the side effects (yucky diapers) were not fun for any of us. He’d get really upset when he knew he needed a change and he got (and still has) a bad rash. We’ve been giving him baths with baking soda in the water for the past two days, and that seems to have helped a bit. Plus, he’s now done with his antibiotic and his steroid, so the icky diapers should be done soon, too.

Cute story for the week: We were kind of home-bodies because of the sick baby, so we read a lot of books and watched a lot of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (MMC). Joseph still loves to dance to the songs that play at the beginning and end of MMC, and he’s always willing to be read to. We have a book that is called “Spooky Bus” which is about a bus that takes a bunch of ghosts, gouls, witches, skeletons, etc. to a haunted house. It has a button where if you push it, it does a creepy laugh. The first time Joseph pushed the button, he didn’t want to touch it again, and it took a good week and a half before I could get him to even touch the book again, let alone push the button (he’d see the book and say “No, no!”). After a little bit of time passed, I was able to read it to him (withOUT pushing the button). Then one day early this week, I pushed the button and explained that it was just a laugh, and I did a sillier version of the spooky laugh. He seemed okay with that, so the next time, I had him push it. He did, and then looked at me and said, “It’s okay” (to reassure himself, I think). I told him it was okay. Today, he kept saying, “Skoopy Bus, Skoopy Bus”. It took me a bit to realize he wanted me to read him Spooky Bus, lol. After I read it to him, he pushed the button a few times and laughed, so he’s no longer scared of it!

The other two notable things this week: 1) We had another one of our crazy thunderstorms last night, at about 12:30. Joseph slept through the entire thing (thankfully), but Paul and I didn’t. The thunder was so loud at times that it shook our windows. I’m glad for the rain, but it was hard not getting a very good night’s sleep. 2) I went to my first rehearsal for helping with the stake Messiah concert. I learned that it’s not just people from our stake, but anyone who wants to sing, no matter what their faith. I thought that was pretty cool. I didn’t mess up too many times (since I was just helping the sopranos with their parts, I didn’t have to play the accompaniment), lol. I have to help them one more rehearsal, and then I help out the youth and children’s choirs with a couple of pieces. Those will be pieces that I will be accompanying them for the performance, so I need to have those “concert ready” by the beginning of December. Whew!

Here’s this week in pictures:

Joseph and my friend’s (who also happens to be my visiting teaching companion) son. These two boys are pretty close in age, so they get along pretty well.
Mommy doesn’t like it when her baby’s sick
He doesn’t like it either…
Wednesday morning: NOT the best picture of me, but I wanted to put it in anyway so that we could remember the not-so-good-times (it makes the good times even better). Plus, it shows a mother’s love, since all he wanted to do was sit and cuddle with me, and all I wanted to do was sleep, lol.
Cuddling with Daddy…he spent most of Wednesday in either my lap or Paul’s.
Since we spent a lot of time at home this week, I finished a project to hang in our kitchen. I didn’t do the rosebuds in the corner, that’s an old headband, lol. I painted the canvas and the star and glued it all together with the burlap and the ribbon. 🙂
This was when he started feeling well enough to play with his trucks again.
He was rather restless today at church (his steroid that he was taking to bring down his swollen lymph nodes had a tendency to make him hyper, so I think that may be why he didn’t want to stay put during Sacrament meeting…either that or he’s just 2, lol), so Paul took him outside to walk around for a bit. He wanted to sit at the table in the pavilion.
It’s blurry, but that’s because he’s dancing…to MMC, of course. 🙂


Our lucky moment of the week: when Paul was walking the wiggles out of Joseph this morning at church, they came across a small anthill. Joseph decided (before Paul could stop him) to stomp on it. Luckily, they were regular black ants and not fire ants! We’re going to have to teach that kid about bugs!


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