I’m Gonna Melt, Y’all

Weekly Happenings: Well. we’ve survived another week. I’m now convinced that August in Texas is like childbirth. You get through the tough part and then the memory of the pain (or in this case, discomfort, really) fades until the next time you experience it. 😉 The only really noteworthy thing that happened this past week was haircuts for the kids. Other than that, we basically just sat in the AC as much as possible.

The Weekly Weather: I think we’ve already determined that it’s hotter than all get-out. I don’t feel I need to expound, haha.

What Paul’s Been Up To: He’s been busy with work as usual. He’s currently trying to figure out why our fridge’s water system isn’t working. Yay…

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Mainly keeping the kids from get cabin fever…I wouldn’t complain if a cold front came through…even if it rained (we could use it!).

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He got to go to a kids’ game night where they did their own roll-playing game. He had a blast! He also had his baptismal interview (where the bishop of our ward meets with him and makes sure he understands what he needs about baptism before committing to it). It’s hard to believe we’re getting to this point!

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She has thoroughly enjoyed playing with toys, dancing to fun music, and pestering her brother. 😉

This Week in Pictures:

Eating some “soup”.
I was trying to keep her awake during “witching hour” (she sometimes gets sleepy but I don’t want her to nap because then she ends up waking up at night), so I told her she could push the button.
101 degrees at almost 9 PM. No good, y’all.
Fresh buzz cut for the boy.
Getting ready for a bang trim.
She’s much happier when it’s not constantly falling into her face.
Cool kids wear sunglasses inside.
Don’t mess with her, haha.
I love when rays of sunlight light up the clouds during sunset.
Ah, Texas sunsets!
I never know what I’m going to walk in to find when I go to get Abigail in the mornings. Sometimes she’s retrieving lost toys from under her dresser…
…and sometimes she goes directly to the source.
Abigail loves to dress up and this old Happy Meal toy of Joseph’s is the perfect thing.

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