I Really…*achoo! hack…cough, sniff!*…Love Spring

Weekly Happenings: We played outside as much as we could, since the weather has been beautiful. There have been playdates at the park, playing in the backyard, Joseph has been riding his bike around the block as we walk along beside him (as much as changing times messes with my head, I do love that it is light longer in the evenings during the spring and summer), and we have just generally enjoyed being outside. Having said that, my allergies have been out of control! I have to make sure that I remember to take my allergy medicine (and use my nasal spray) every day to keep ahead of them. The one major thing that happened this past week was that I took Joseph to get his hair cut. I took him to the same place as last time (with the car seat that he can sit in and watch a TV show while he gets his hair cut). Last time, he was really unhappy the entire time (he does NOT like clippers), so I didn’t take any pictures. This time around, it was much better. He only got a little giggly when the stylist was trimming his neck and around his ears. No crying, wailing, or flailing. 🙂

The Weekly Weather: As mentioned before, it was so pretty this past week! It’s been warm (but not too warm), sunny, and breezy. I hope it lasts a bit longer before summer hits!

What Paul’s Been Up To: Aside from school and work (he got stuck at work on Friday for an extra couple of hours because he had to help fix a huge computer problem with the library), he spent a lot of time on Saturday making our yard pretty. He transplanted our tomato seedlings (they looked a little shocked with the transplant, so we’re hoping they will make it, but if they don’t, I will probably go to Lowe’s to get replacement ones tomorrow). He also put down fresh cardboard, newspaper, and mulch in the garden bed (to help keep away weeds), and mowed both yards. I know it was a lot of hard work, but it pays off because the yards look great!

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I have been plugging away at teaching piano (I had one student drop, but another started up), working on my visiting teaching stuff, and getting my choir prepared for the Easter fireside our stake is putting on tonight (our choir is singing a piece). There will be musical contributions from each ward in the stake, a combined Primary choir piece, and a combined stake choir piece at the end. I think it’s going to be beautiful! I will also be glad when it’s over because I get very nervous leading in front of big groups.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: In addition to conquering his fear of the clippers, he has had a great time playing outside and with his friends. He has also made great strides in potty-training (due in part to me and Paul reminding him every couple of hours that he needs to go potty). I think it’s been four days now that the only Pull-ups I need to change are stinky ones. Yay! There was one funny thing that happened as he was racing me up the stairs one evening. He realized that I was kind of close, so he threw his socks down the stairs. When I told him he had dropped them, he told me I needed to get them. Pretty soon, I heard him triumphantly crowing that he had won. I think we may need to talk to him about ethics, lol. 😉

This Week in Pictures:

Another experiment: doing away with his straw cups. He seems to be handling the open cups pretty well.
He especially likes his 3D HEB cup. He saved up a lot of his points from the Buddy Bucks machine in order to get it.
15 - 1 (27)
Pre-haircut. He was excited to be able to sit in a Lightning McQueen car chair.
15 - 2 (9)
During the haircut. He really liked that they had Curious George on (they have a Roku Box, so they can choose from a bunch of different shows).
15 - 3 (6)
Post-haircut: he really liked that he got a Dum-Dum sucker and a balloon at the end.
He told me he was reading his bear a daytime story.
Eating Veggie Straws (a new favorite snack) and singing along to a song on the TV.



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