Hello, February…where did YOU come from?!

Weekly Happenings: I’m still trying to figure out how it’s already 2015, let alone how it’s already February of 2015. Not too much happened this past week. I was hit with a pretty nasty stomach bug mid-week, which affected what I had planned. We did still manage to make it to a play date and a meet up at the park. Oh, and we were also able to take Joseph over to my friend’s house and had her take pictures of him with her super-nice camera and a nice background.

The Weekly Weather: The weather for the majority of the week was gorgeous. It was almost like Mother Nature forgot it was January (or realized that it was January in South Texas). Yesterday there was a tiny cold front that moved through and brought with it some precipitation, but today is back to the warmer weather. I guess we’ll see what tomorrow holds.

What Paul’s Been Up To: School and work have kept him pretty busy. He took the day off one day to take care of me (and to make sure Joseph was taken care of while I was sick). He also put some fabric that I bought and cut to size onto Joseph’s train table so that it looks a bit better (the paint wasn’t holding up like we expected). Oh, and he also made a fort for Joseph in the back yard. Pictures to follow. 🙂

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Not too much…just getting over being sick. I did do a mini-craft. I took a little step stool that we bought not too long after we moved here (we found it in an antique store for pretty cheap) and painted it a color I liked better (green; as opposed to the pastel yellow that it was). I figure Joseph can use it in the kitchen to get up higher so that he can help me do stuff. I also went to a music workshop last night where I learned quite a few things that will help me learn and grow in my calling as choir director.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: We took Joseph to one of those kids places to get his hair cut (they had seats that looked like cars and they had movies and video games for the kids to play with). He was unsure at first, but got excited about getting to sit in a car (especially since there was a Lightning McQueen one). Once the actual hair cut started though, he lost his excitement. He cried through the whole thing (but at least he didn’t thrash about like at home). Hopefully it will get better with time. We wanted him to have a nice hair cut for his pictures. A funny/cute story about him at his “photo shoot”. Mandy (my friend who was taking his pictures) positioned his legs and told him she was going to take his picture. He twisted his torso around, folded his arms, looked straight into the camera, and said, “Cheese!” Why won’t he do that for me?! Hahaha! She also knew that he was really into the movie Cars, so she kept asking him questions about Lightning McQueen, and saying “Kachow!” so that he would say it back to her (it’s almost a knee-jerk reaction with him…if one person says it, he almost always automatically says it back). It was really great!

This Week in Pictures:

Joseph’s new set up. The felt looks so good!
His hair cut. We had them do a “high and tight” so that it would be a while before needing to get it cut again. I did like that they were able to do longer on the top than around the sides and did the fade really well. I also liked how they cleaned it up around his ears and neck. That’s stuff that I don’t know how to do.
Munching on a waffle…sometimes breakfast happens on the couch.
The fort that Paul built.
Joseph was pretending that it was a puppet stage, he was throwing his basketball into it, and many other things.
This is the “in-between” (primer) stage. I forgot to take a “before” picture. Just imagine it being pastel yellow and kind of beat-up looking.
Here it is all finished. It’s the same color as our dining room chairs. I love it!
The Valentine’s Day themed picture from the shoot.
This is the one where he decided to fold his arms and say “Cheese” without being prompted.
I was so glad he decided to smile. He was shy when we first got there, but Mandy was really good at getting him to come out of his shell.



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