Fun Adventures for All

This week was a little different. Early Monday morning, Paul left for a work trip to Monterey, California. He got home last night. During his time there, he obviously had to do work stuff, but he did have the chance to visit the coast. He got to see sea lions sunning themselves on the rocks, but he also got to see a rather unusual sight: a portion of a humpback whale had washed ashore. I guess I never really thought about something as huge as a whale having a predator, but when I asked Paul about it, he said that a group of orcas had probably gotten it. I researched it a little bit further and came to learn that the reason why orcas are nicknamed “killer whales” is because a long time ago, whalers witnessed them, well, killing whales. I think they originally called them “whale killers”, but over the years, the name got switched around. Crazy, huh? While Paul was gone, I tried to make the week special for the kids. We went to the zoo and we also made a trip to Buc-ee’s. I wanted to grab some souvenirs for a friend and of course we needed to grab some fun things for the kids as well as some treats. It was a fun trip! We’re glad to all be back together again, though.

Paul’s Father’s Day haul: stuff so that he can start learning how to weld, snacks, and homemade cards.
A picture that my brother Dave shared with the rest of us siblings on Father’s Day. I’m the baby in the picture. I sure do love and miss this man!
They like each other sometimes.
Checking out the black bear.
Madame Butterfly. 😉
Checking out the rhino.
He got first choice since we happened to be first in line. He loves getting the dragon!
She opted for the shark.
New sunglasses! I really like having two pairs of glasses (having one available as a back up in case something happens to my main pair), so I decided to do the same thing with sunglasses. I love, love, love that I’ve been able to find affordable glasses and prescription sunglasses!
This is the picture Paul took of the part of the whale that washed up on shore. It’s pretty much the bottom part of a humpback whale.
When stopping at Bucc-ee’s, one must always take a picture with the Buc-ee statue.
I got her a new sweatshirt (for when the weather gets cooler) and a Bucc-ee pillow pet.
I got Joseph a new sweatshirt and a soft, fuzzy Buc-ee blanket.
Lazy sea lion…
…this is the life!
I find it slightly amusing that they’re bigger than the rocks they’re perched on.
It’s hard to see, but if you look right at the center of the photo, there is one that is sticking its head out of the water.
Color-changing toys are fun…especially since it means you get to use ice water.
Our matching necklaces.
Joseph’s necklace.
Picking shells. Some are ones that Paul collected on the shore and others are ones that he bought at a store.
Cute new fridge magnet.
My shells.
When I picked up the little jars for our sea shells, I also picked up this bottle/vase. I love the texture and color!

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  1. One of the tribes here worship the orca because they feel that they were saved by the orcas eating the seals. The seals were eating all the salmon that they thrived on.
    Love all the pictures!
    We got a taste of the heat that you have when we had the over 100° temperatures with humidity. Much worse than Southern California reaching over 100.

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