A Third of Summer

It’s hard to believe that a third of summer is gone. We’re already into July…August is just around the corner, and then fall will fast forward into the holidays before I can blink. To be honest, we didn’t do too much this week. It’s hard to find motivation when the weather is so hot and humid. We mostly just sat around the house and soaked in the fact that we didn’t have any plans. Paul was able to take Friday off and he also has Monday off (Independence Day falls on a Sunday this year, so Monday is the observed federal holiday), so he has a nice, long four-day weekend (which is nice because he’s been at work while the rest of us have been lazying around). Oh, one funny story: Abigail was pretending to be a doctor and I was her patient. She was using her play kitchen utensils as doctor’s tools. She checked my reflexes and then checked my heart (with her toy stethoscope). Next, she said, “Now where’s my knife?” 😳 I pointed out her play knife and then asked her why she needed it. She answered (rather matter-of-factly), “I’m gonna cut off your arm.” 😂 She then proceeded to “cut” off my arm (very gently, thankfully) and bandaged me up with imaginary bandages. She finished up my (rather extensive, if you ask me) check-up by using a plastic fork to give me a shot (she told me I had to tell her that I didn’t want a shot so that she could tell me it would be okay) and offering me a Bluey bandaid. 🤣 Always on my toes. I’m always on my toes with her.

She loves to make forts!
I love seeing my patriotic decorations. I have them out whenever there isn’t another holiday (Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day/Easter/spring, fall/Halloween, and Christmas).
These little (and I really mean little…they’re about half the size of my thumb) toads are so cute! I’ve counted half a dozen so far (not sure if I counted any of them more than once…they’re pretty fast), just hanging out in our yards.
Texas sunsets.
We got him a bigger bike, so we went out to practice a bit.
Paul pulled Joseph’s old balance bike out for Abigail to use. She’s a little tall for it, I think, so we might need to get her a bigger one, but we’ll see.
Paul also pulled out Joseph’s old Spider-Man scooter which Abigail (of course) needed to try out.
I took down the handmade sign I had for the downstairs bathroom and had Paul put this one up for me.
I’ve always been a sucker for a simple metal sign…and I love the clean look of this one in particular.
Yet another gorgeous sunset!

Bonus videos: outdoor fun!

Abigail scootering along. 😊
Joseph riding his bike solo for the very first time!

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